Ways To Improve Your Hiring Recruitment Practices.

improve your recruitment practices

The process of recruitment is a model of how new employees are sourced and is organization-specific. Typically, the recruitment process ownership resides within the Department of Human Resources. Of course, depending on the structure of the organization, this might differ. While the exact process is unique for every company, typically, the process follows the general steps of identifying vacancies, preparing a job description, sourcing a database, role marketing, management response, making shortlists, interviews, checking references and selection.


Job applications are starting to receive the same scrutiny as any other purchasing decision. Instead of reading reviews on Amazon, candidates are turning to social media and to websites like Jobberman to get the real scoop on companies. It’s up to recruiting departments to make sure candidates like what they see. This is where a carefully planned employer branding strategy becomes critical. When it comes to branding, it’s all about consistency and transparency.


Until recent years, on-boarding has taken a back seat. Now employers are realizing the effectiveness of implementing a strong on-boarding program. Attracting top talent is just the first step. Now you must ensure they are adequately equipped to address their job duties, and that you have performance indicators and reviews in place to determine your candidate’s eventual career trajectory and success.

Proactive Recruiting

Good recruiters are always recruiting, even if there are no jobs open at their company. Keeping the bench warm with top talent ready to jump in at any moment is the key to a successful recruiting plan. Always purchase job postings in bulk so that you can post at a moment’s notice, especially if you manage a larger workforce. Proactive recruiting is especially important on college campuses in order to promote your employer brand to the talented youth entering the workforce.

Succession Planning

Planning for the future should always be at the forefront of your recruiting initiatives. As baby boomers begin to retire, gaps in management and executive-level job titles will reach a critical mass that could be detrimental to many companies, both globally and in the U.S. Succession planning is different for every company depending on its size, but there are a few universal initiatives companies can implement to lessen the impact of retirees. Having mentors in place and a career plan outlined for younger staff will help plug vacancies as they begin to crop up.


Developing a multi-pronged approach for advertising is essential in recruiting. Purchasing online job posting ads on niche sites like ours and other specialty job boards will ensure your postings are publicized to a highly specialized group, such as women, minorities, veterans, or disabled candidates. But buying the job posting is just the beginning. You should also consider other vehicles like banner advertisements as an additional means of exposure. The key to recruiting success is to go where your ideal candidates are looking and advertise on those platforms too.

Improving your company’s hiring is an ongoing process. Track your improvements and identify ways to revamp your recruiting. Hire with Jobberman.
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