5 Jobs that Will Be Obsolete in the Near Future

Do you know many jobs will be obsolete in the future? Read more about some of them and make the right career decision for your future.

The future is incredibly exciting filled with new technologies and new opportunities. But for most people the future doesn’t look as bright with the new wave of the internet. As exciting as technology is, many fear it is going to take over many jobs in different industries. Do you fear your career choice may be part of the list?

It is better to be aware now than regret in the future. If you are thinking of a career choice, then knowing about these jobs likely to be obsolete in future will help you in your career decision making. Let’s take a look at a few of them and why they may disappear in just a few years;

1. Printers and Publishers

Newspapers, journals and traditional magazines are not as patronized as they used to be back in the day. The traditional media we know that took over the media world is gradually fading. Everything now is found on the internet. If it is books you are looking for, you can find them on the internet easily and free of charge. You can now have so many books on your small mobile device provided you have the space for it on the mobile phone. You don’t need too many papers to deal with.

At no fee you can get all the information you want from any part of the world. If you’re looking for an update on what is happening in the news, you can easily find it on twitter. Traditional media is fighting to survive. With information free and easily accessible on the internet, people really have lost interest in buying papers and magazines to get informed. This story is likely to worsen in the near future. With the internet taking over at the speed of light, print and publishing jobs will indeed disappear in no time.

2. Bank Tellers

Imagine a time where you will no longer see your favourite bank teller at the bank. This really sends chills down the spine. Bank tellers make banking interesting with their nice smiles and attention. But with the new direction of banking, many are likely to be sent home in the near future. Many people don’t go to the bank as often as they used to. I bet you no longer frequent the banking hall to join the usual long queues.

Technology has eased up the long and tedious process of making bank transactions. You can check your balance on your smartphones or get cash easily at the ATM. Amazingly, you can now open a bank account online from any bank in the world. If you’re looking for specialized services, you might have to meet a teller in person who can get the job done in the shortest time possible by making a few calls.

3. Telemarketers

Have you noticed that the number of telemarketers in the job market is reducing? The industry of telemarketing is being taken over by all the targeted ads all over the internet. Most companies now rely on social media to find the right customers for their products and services.

Tech giants have created the algorithms that make targeted ads easily accessible based on all the information they gather on your use of their platforms. These user profiles are gathered, batched and sold to other companies that use them to market their products and services to you via the internet. This is why target ads are everywhere today and telemarketing jobs are gradually disappearing.

4. Manufacturing workers

The era where hard labour was needed for factory work is gradually ending. Today, technology and heavy duty machinery are employed daily to cater for many factory needs. Advanced technology is able to perform twice the work human labour can do.

You can compare the way cars were built a couple of years ago in factories and how they are built today. Back then, multiple humans were working in tandem to produce an end product. Today softwares are being created to produce as much products and more. Although humans are needed to set the machines in motion, how many people will remain in the factory industry?

5. Cashiers

A good example is Amazon, who are running pilot tests with what they call Amazon Go. Amazon Go is a corner store with 0 humans involved, where you walk in, get what you need & walk out. You pay for everything using your credit card. In a few years to come, companies will run 24/7 without the help of cashiers or in-store salespersons.

There you have it! These jobs will be obsolete in a few years. It is better you learn about these now than get knocked down by the shock that will render you jobless.  If you want to choose a career that has place for you in the future, then you have to choose wisely.

Do you know anymore you would like to add to the list? Drop them in the comment section below.

Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
Notification Bell