Jobberman Ghana Unveils “Get Ahead of the Curve” to Boost Employer-Jobseeker Visibility

Jobberman Ghana has launched its latest campaign “Get Ahead of the Curve.” This initiative is designed to empower job seekers and employers alike.

get ahead of the curve

As the calendar turns to a new year, Jobberman Ghana has launched its latest campaign “Get Ahead of the Curve. This initiative is designed to empower job seekers and employers alike, propelling them into a successful and dynamic start for 2024. 

The first quarter of the year has always been a bustling period for job seekers and employers, intending to connect to their dream jobs and ideal candidates to move their career goals and business forward respectively. 

For job seekers ready to change jobs, this is the time to position yourself among the fortunate few to be connected to their dream employers.  It is crucial that you present yourself as the most competent one and this lies on various reasons. This means updating their profiles, setting up relevant job alerts, and improving their CV/ Professional Profiles. 

For employers, this means posting their jobs on the No.1 Jobs platform in Ghana, Jobberman, and, setting up employer pages and boosting their roles on our platform to reach a higher and more targeted audience who matches their roles.

For Job Seekers: A Personalized Approach to Success

For job seekers, success begins with preparation. Here’s how to maximize your chances with Jobberman Ghana:

  • Update Your Profile:
    • Ensure your jobseeker profile on Jobberman is up-to-date with your latest skills, experiences, and achievements.
  • Set Relevant Job Alerts:
    • Leverage our revamped alert system to receive granular and specific notifications tailored to your preferences.
  • CV/Professional Profile Enhancement:
    • Use our updated professional profile and CV review service to craft a standout profile that highlights your strengths and attracts employers. 
  • The updated review service is a game-changer for job seekers, helping them craft profiles and CVs that truly showcase their strengths. 

For Employers: Elevate Your Hiring Strategy

Employers make the most of the first quarter rush by optimizing your recruitment efforts:

  • Post Jobs on the No.1 Recruitment platform in Ghana:
    • Showcase your vacancies on Jobberman, the country’s leading job board, ensuring maximum visibility and reach.
  • Set Up Employer Pages:
    • Create engaging employer pages to enhance your brand presence and attract top talent.
  • Boost your job listings on Jobberman:
    • Increase the visibility of your roles with our boosting feature, ensuring your advertised jobs stand out to potential candidates.
  • Employers, in turn, receive well-packaged applications that facilitate more informed decision-making.

Get Ahead of the Curve with Jobberman Ghana

“Get Ahead of the Curve” is more than a campaign; it’s your passport to a successful year ahead. Whether you’re seeking new opportunities or expanding your team, Jobberman Ghana is here to ensure you’re at the forefront of success.

Ready to propel your career or organization to new heights?

It’s time to Get Ahead of the Curve with Jobberman. Get started here.

Genevieve Amponsah
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