4 ways you can be everyone’s darling at the workplace

Everyone wants to be loved and treated with respect at their workplace. Especially, the newbies and the struggling employees. Learn more…

4 ways you can be everyone’s darling at the workplace

Everyone wants to be loved and treated with respect at their workplace. Especially, the newbies and the struggling employees need to work on strengthening their game so that they can save themselves from the horrible office politics and get themselves on the good books of their colleagues as well as their boss. Becoming a darling at the workplace is not only good for your job but it is also great for your own personality. Here are a few tips on how you can win the hearts of your colleagues and earn their respect for all eternity, or at least as long as you work there:

Be a good girl with personal grooming care

  • Obey The Dress Code

If your workplace has a dress code, stick to it. Do not be someone who dresses far beyond the line or you will be regarded as an arrogant snob, and people will not approach you. On the other hand, if you roll up your sleeves while you are really busy, be courteous to the colleagues who might be coming your way to consult on a project, or for a quick chat.

  • Obey the rules of hygiene

You are going to be spending time with your colleagues in a small area for more than eight hours a day. Keeping in mind that your hygiene must be kept up at all times so that your colleagues do not label you as Ms. Stinky, or avoid your cabin altogether. If you see someone offering you a gum or a body pampering hamper, take heed of the clue and lather up. Remember, a bad body odor would never leave a nice impression on the clients you would meet on behalf of your company. Be a social butterfly and learn to treat people nicely

  • Friendliness is the key to happiness

If you keep yourself obsessed with work all the time and pay no attention to your colleagues, you might end up being quite the opposite of a darling. So, be friendly to your colleagues and show a keen interest in things they might be interested in.  When you show similar interests, you let them know that you are making an effort to be friends with them.

  • Perform small acts of kindness around

You can end up being a darling of everyone in the group by performing random small acts of kindness around in your workplace. Put on another pot of brewer if there is a little coffee remaining in the brewer, instead of simply taking your share and walking away. If there is a paper jam in the printing machine, fix it instead of walking away. Moreover, little gestures like holding doors open for people approaching the elevator or bringing a bag of donuts or bagels occasionally will earn you brown points in a jiffy. Treat your work professionally when teamwork is concerned

  • Do not be the girl who ruins it for everyone

Whenever you have been assigned a team project, you must have noticed at least one person in the team who would make excuses or who is too lazy to put in any kinds of efforts. Do not be that person! You know how much that person is hated by the group and how he is the last person to be selected in any team. If you have a task that you are supposed to do, then pull your load by working hard and putting in all the efforts.

  • Appreciate the efforts of other team members

A team is not built by one member. Your teammates will put equal efforts in the project as you would. If you want to be a darling in their eyes, appreciate and compliment the efforts they put into it. People will want to work with you more if you work sincerely like you mean it and make the project management an enjoyable ride for everyone. Moreover, you might even be invited to their celebrations for getting a project completed efficiently.

Maintain your distance from unnecessary activities and gossips Do you want to be a star of the office? First things first- stay away from trouble! You need to mind your own business as much as possible. You may stop at as many cubicles as you want to chat and have a good laugh. However if you sense trouble or witness a heating debate, do not get involved at any cost. You may, however, try and resolve the issues to maintain the work peace. This way you would become a hero in the eyes of the entire office, as everyone would think of you as more of a peacemaker than just an office employee. Also remember not to talk behind someone’s back. You certainly do not want to be a part of the gossip queen group of office. Last but not the least, obey the rules of your corporate sector. Treat your boss with respect, and stay away from the bad strategies, like sucking up to him at all times. 

Jide Otoki
Notification Bell