Top 5 Lies You Should Never Tell on Your CV

We all know that finding a job can be challenging with a large pool of your competition beefing up their C Vs to look more attractive to employers. This is where many based on the fear of not being good enough for the role tweak the facts on their CV to look good. Have you ever lied on your CV?

Let’s take a look at the common CV lies that will make you miss out on a good job opportunity:

1. Education Background

The worst lie to be caught up in when looking for a job is lying about your academic credentials. For instance, lying about graduating with a University degree in Accounting when you only took a 6 months accounting online course is not the same. You will be caught and ultimately destroy your chances of getting hired. Instead of fudging your academic credentials, think about what you can add to your resume to demonstrate the education you’ve had. Be bold to state your relevant professional development, honors or awards, and extra coursework.

2. Employment Date Deception

Another common deceit is covering up employment gaps. Many are caught stretching dates for one or two jobs to cover a time gap, or fabricate an interim job. As tempting as fabricating a job may be to fill the gaps on your CV, a lie remains a lie. If there are gaps on your CV because you took time off to raise a family or go back to school, explain your circumstances in your cover letter and be sure to stress how committed you are to finding a job you can grow with.

3. Fake Skills/Technical Abilities

Many job candidates indicate a tall list of technical proficiency on their C Vs. But, because you used a program a few times doesn’t make you an expert. Unless you really know what you’re doing and can demonstrate your knowledge of the skills listed on your CV, avoid smart-sounding technical proficiency off your C.V. The same goes if you claim to be fluent in a language just because you took a class on it in high school. Do away with the lies and list only the skills that you are truly prepared to demonstrate on the spot.

4. Falsified Jobs

Worse than lying about your skills is making up a job out of the blue. Even if your dream job requires five or more years of experience and you only have three, you have a better chance applying with an honest CV. Apply with the number of years of experience you have. Applying with honesty is better than having five years of fabricated experience on your C V.

5. Foreign Language Fluency

It is impossible to be fluent in french when you only took few french classes in high school and did not further in learning the language. Taken a few french classes does not make you a french speaking candidate when applying for a job. While putting this skill on your CV will give you a perceived air of sophistication, you’re going to be in trouble should your new employer ever call on you to translate something.

How you can get caught lying on your CV

If you think you can pull one over on potential employers, think again. It’s true that many job seekers get away with a few exaggerations and omissions here and there, but misrepresentations can come back to bite you.

Here are a few ways lies on your CV will get you red-flagged

1. Skills Assessments

Especially if you’re applying for a skilled position that involves writing, coding, or designing, expect that an employer will test you before hiring you.

2. Social Media Research

If you have a social media profile and a website, you’d better make sure that dates and basic facts match up to the resume you submit.

3. Background Checks

It’s very easy for a hiring manager to contact your former employers and educational institutions to verify what’s on your resume.

Nobody wants to miss out on a good job opportunity. But, we are in control of the kind of information we decide to give to potential employers. Instead of lying to cover up only to get caught and lose the job opportunity, choose the safe path. Either withhold the information completely or be honest.

What lie have you told on your CV? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below?

Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
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