The Most Productive Workforce Are in a Creative Work Environment

Creativity and productivity go hand in hand. Without an appropriate balance of the two, you might find that your workplace happenings come to an impasse. In every organisation, there are certain roadblocks that only creativity can solve.

A good team make-over will bring out your team’s creative and productive side. Here is how you can get this done;

Incorporating Creativity Into Company Culture

Culture has an impact on the vibe and interactions of the workplace. If your foundation rests on creativity and innovation, you’re inviting it in from the ground up. Emphasizing and rewarding creativity is a strong motivator. You’ll inspire the best in your employees and promote their continual growth.
Make sure to take time to recognize employee creativity and encourage employees to come up with new and unique approaches to challenges. Do your best to make your culture one that motivates people to think outside of the box and rewards remarkable ideas.

3 Ways to Get Your Team Creative

  • Come up with a design and décor theme that reflects the kind of creativity you want in your workplace.
  • Pursue strategies to improve free-flowing and open communication that will boost productivity and innovative ideas.
  • Strengthen the core aspects of your company culture that reflect positivity and forward thinking.

Putting in the Action

1. Give Your Employees Freedom

Empowering employees to explore unique angles allows them to find natural creativity and innovative skills. Everyone requires a certain level of management. People take trust seriously, and the more empowered your employees are, the more trust they’ll feel.

2. Create an Ideal Meeting Space

Whatever it takes, you need to facilitate as much communication at your meetings as possible. Sitting stiffly at a large table is the common posture during formal meetings, but brainstorming sessions need a looser structure to create a better flow. Encourage people to move around, write notes, draw diagrams and examples, and pitch some absurd, half-baked ideas.

3. Celebrate Together

Burnout occurs when your employees are overwhelmed by the stress and the monotony of repetitive work without any respite. Employees who don’t have things to feel hopeful, optimistic, or cheerful about are more likely to experience the effects of burnout.
Make sure you’re celebrating victories, no matter how small. Your employees will appreciate the fact that they’re accomplishing something, rather than merely going on to work another day.

4. Decorate for Success

Encourage your employees to decorate and embellish their work spaces with objects that bring them comfort and promote their relaxation. Allow them to build their own fortresses where they feel free to think and create.

5. Ditch the Clutter

Time is a crucial part of productivity. If you have to spend an eternity looking through drawers and stepping around boxes, that’s an eternity of productivity you’re missing out on.
Make sure you throw something out or donate it when you no longer need it.

You can always take suggestions from your employees regarding how they feel you can make your workplace more productive and creative. They may be stumbling over obstacles that you aren’t aware of, and if you can simplify their lives by optimizing their processes, you’ll greatly enhance any effort you make to promote positive change.

Got any more ideas to make your workers creative and productive? Tell us in the comment session.

Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
Social Media and Community Marketer at Jobberman Ghana || Blogger || Motivator || Radio host || "Knowledge is like a garden. If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested."
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