4 Benefits of Having an Annual Career Health Check

Do you sometimes take a minute to assess your career growth? Doing an annual career health check will give you the answers you’re looking for. Read more.

Just as you need to see a doctor regularly for physical health checks, it is important to have a thorough check-up on your career. Career Health Check is a short assessment that provides you with a personalized report of how you well you are managing your career. This becomes your guide on knowing what you are doing well and the areas you need to improve on to make you successful in your career.

Some mistaken career health check to be limited to a career crisis, redundancies, and panic job search but it goes beyond these and involve; brainstorming for the next stage, setting some goals, creating a strategy and making a plan to avoid career stagnation. But why is having such an assessment so important?
Let’s find out the benefits of doing an annual career health check;

1. Gives You Personal Insight

Without fully understanding your capabilities and where you fall short, you may never progress in your career. This is why you need a career health check to usher you into a place where you get to understand your strengths, weaknesses and how to derive satisfaction in your career.

For someone who is dissatisfied with her working environment, undergoing a career health check helps to understand the exact cause and remedies to resolve the problem. Looking for a good way to develop a sense of control to deal with any challenges in the past and feel relaxed about future ones? A career health check is what you need.

2. A Confidence Booster

Confidence is a highly motivating factor that leads to greater results in the workplace. When you lack confidence you lose many great opportunities to stand your grounds firmly amidst your work challenges. As a confident employee, you can easily represent your organisation at any time. A career check can guide you to find the areas you need to improve on and help you learn the steps of increasing your confidence

3. Makes You Proactive  

With each passing year, you want to achieve more than the previous one.  You should aim to challenge yourself every day and learn something new.  Without an assessment of how you did previously you cannot make the right decisions for the future.
Learn the ability to rise to new challenges see them as a learning process and keep your eyes on the scorecard.

4. Helps You Redefine Your Values

An annual career health check is your guide to define what motivates you and what’s important to you. Personal values define an individual’s actions and can be tuned to reflect success in one’s career. Redefining your values will help you make the right career choices, the more reason why you need to do the career health assessment.

Even in our personal lives, taking a moment to analyze our actions is vital to the decisions we make for the future. Without a career health check, your journey to success in your career will be very bumpy.  

Have you ever had an annual career health check? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
Notification Bell