How to know when to accept a job opportunity

How to know when to accept a job opportunity

I recently switched careers (into IT from a non-IT job) and completed a certification/internship program. I live in Tampa and I’ve been actively interviewing for roughly a month, with a couple of prospects still in the pipeline, though mostly in the preliminary stages.

I interviewed for a position and was offered the role.


  • It’s doing the job I want to break into
  • The technologies are on par with my interests
  • It’s a junior role that wants me when it seems most positions are looking for 3+ years minimum.
  • Casual environment


  • It’s an 1.5 to 2 hour drive each way
  • The pay is relatively low considering the cost of commuting
  • The manager seemed pretty bored and disengaged during our interview, and the office was kind of a disgusting mess, IMO. Neither of which really impressed me.

I have another interview on Monday with a more local company, so I asked for time until then to weigh both options. I hate the idea of turning down work in the beginning stages of my new career, but I also know that the commute would get real old, real fast, and I would jump at a more local opportunity if it were to materialize.

Part of me feels like it’s more honourable to turn it down now, avoid burning bridges by quitting in a month or two, and take the chance to keep looking, while another (ruder) part says take the job for now and do what you have to do if/when another offer pulls through.

Moving isn’t an option (the amount of time left on my lease and the cost of moving closer would not make sense at this time), and the pay makes holding a second apartment close to the job all but possible.

  • What factors should I consider when deciding if a job I do not really want is worth taking versus turning the offer down in hopes of finding a better job?



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