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How to use widgets on your website

Copy the code of the widget you want to embed into your website and paste it into your sourcecode.

Widget 1 - 468px x 60px

<script src="https://widgets.jobberman.com.gh/widgets/1.js"></script> Copy

Widget 2 - 728px x 90px

<script src="https://widgets.jobberman.com.gh/widgets/2.js"></script> Copy

Widget 3 - 336px x 280px

<script src="https://widgets.jobberman.com.gh/widgets/3.js"></script> Copy

Widget 4 - 300px x 250px

<script src="https://widgets.jobberman.com.gh/widgets/4.js"></script> Copy

Widget 5 - 120px x 600px

<script src="https://widgets.jobberman.com.gh/widgets/5.js"></script> Copy

Widget 6 - 160px x 600px

<script src="https://widgets.jobberman.com.gh/widgets/6.js"></script> Copy

Widget 7 - 250px x 250px

<script src="https://widgets.jobberman.com.gh/widgets/7.js"></script> Copy

Widget 8 - 120px x 240px

<script src="https://widgets.jobberman.com.gh/widgets/8.js"></script> Copy

Widget 9 - 240px x 400px

<script src="https://widgets.jobberman.com.gh/widgets/9.js"></script> Copy

Widget 10 - 234px x 60px

<script src="https://widgets.jobberman.com.gh/widgets/10.js"></script> Copy

Widget 11 - 180px x 150px

<script src="https://widgets.jobberman.com.gh/widgets/11.js"></script> Copy