Sales manager

Job Summary

The Sales Manager will act as a key revenue earner of the company.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 4 years

Job Description

The Sales Manager will act as a key revenue earner of the company. While serving as the advisor to the CEO, Executive Directors and all heads of Departments within the company on major issues regarding sales and markets of the company, he will manage the company’s sales and marketing programme. Responsibilities will include:

  • Sales Management
  • Sales Promotion
  • Marketing Research and Development

The Manager will supervise the sales team and will take the lead role in closing all sales in a timely, cost-efficient, and profitable manner. He will coordinate the company’s sales programme and will advise the CEO on all sales-related issues, primarily sales projections, market opportunities, and revenue generation. He will:

  •  Examine and understand the product mix of the company and seek to ensure sales maximization in all spheres of the economy
  • Review all installations and categorize them in terms of product and value creation, and coordinate consistency in sales to them and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Supervise the sales teams efforts and maintain documentation of sales reports on the activities of the term, collate and analyse them, and report monthly to the CEO on sales performance and direction
  • Devise an aggressive and innovative sales strategy of various products in various markets or installations, towards the creation of exclusive long-term supplier agreements with installations
  • Review business relationships with existing customers to ensure profit maximization for the company, ie review payment terms, product presentation and delivery, discounts or special offers, business promotion, etc
  • Ensure the prompt and effective closing of firm orders, prompt deliveries, and the timely collection of all payments
  • Offer relatively dependable sales projections to enable the company plan its expenditure and production schedules
  • Coordinate proper documentation systems within his department
  • Ensure the smooth and timely transfer of information from the marketing department to all relevant departments and personnel
  • Evaluate the department’s performance in conjunction with the head of Business Development
  • Remain the coach of the sales team, and through good leadership skills propel them towards sales maximization and superior performance

The Manager will be the key advisor to the Head of Business Development on all sales promotion issues of the company. To enable the success of this function it will be essential to review current sales promotion strategies in place, and offer the Head of Business Development alternatives or recommendations that can ensure sales maximization and profitability within the company.

  •  Review current sales promotion (ie advertising, corporate image enhancement strategies) and formally propose and document a comprehensive alternative or recommendation for the company

Marketing Research and Development: The  Manager will devise a comprehensive marketing research and development strategy in conjunction with the Head of Business Development to expand the company’s markets and profitability. This may be effected through,

  • Periodic marketing and product surveys, information research and analyses, and marketing intelligence systems within the industry
  • The periodic preparation of sales and marketing research analyses results through comprehensive memos, charts, etc for all relevant departments and the CEO
  • Monitor sales trends in comparative analyses to previous performance and devise strategies to improve performance

 Success Criteria

 If the  Manager is successful:

 Six Months from now

  • A strong sales performance will usher the company out of its current sales performance towards year-end profitability
  • Firm exclusive long-term supplier agreements will be put in place with installations
  • A new band of customers and markets will be secured in addition to the company’s current installations
  • A clearly articulated sales promotion strategy will have been developed and implementation begun
  • Cheque collections will be improved with minimal delays
  • The company will be well underway with a strong corporate image building exercise

 Major Resources

  • The Manager will be assisted by an Assistant, and will liaise with all management staff. Ideally, the Manager will have a dotted-line reporting relationship with all other departmental heads, and broad discretion in organizing his staff, in consultation with the Head of Business Development

 Critical Skills/Requirements for the Job

 The Sales Manager should bring a strong sales and marketing experience and should possess the following characteristics:

  • An aggressive marketer with good management abilities, particularly in sales management and strategy conceptualization and report writing
  • Ability to develop the confidence, trust, and respect of all customers and his sales team
  • The personality to deal with customers and the outside community on behalf of the company
  • Strong analytical and people management skills
  • Familiarity with the use of computers, excellent writing and speech skills, and distinctive negotiation skills

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