Robotics instructors and engineers

Job Summary

Perform the duties of a Robotics Instructor and Engineer.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Graduate trainee
  • Experience Length: 2 years

Job Description

Khalmax Software System is a technology company located in Teshie Nungua, Estates in Accra. In the past we have been actively involved in software development, web design and database administration for several schools and companies.  In 2016 as part of our scale-up plans we have decided to include robotics and mobile app development to our services. Robotics in recent times is gaining much influence in our educational and social life. Many students have begun to take lessons in programming and robotics technology as an active course and clubs in schools.  

The Khalmax Robotics Project (KRP) 

An initiative was set up in August, 2016 to pursue this vision, termed the Khalmax ROBOTICS Project. The Khalmax Robotics project seeks to train students from 8 years and above in robotics, electronics and micro controller programming. Through this we have partnered with schools and other institutions in achieving this impact in the lives of the children. After successfully embarking on this training, students are enrolled in what is termed as the KHALMAX ROBOTICS CLUB (KRC).  

Several schools have actively benefited from this robotics project. In partnership with these schools a period is allocated after school hours and/or weekends in order for the training to take place. The minimum number of meetings is once every week or at least four (4) times in a month.  In this training students are taken through detailed training in basic electronics, Sensors, Micro controllers, programming and robotics. 

Job Description

  • The company seeks the services of full time and part time instructors and engineers.
  • Workers would be required to train students in robotics based upon a curriculum which would be provided.
  • Trainers would also work as engineers and would be given project to build based upon their field of expertise

Qualification and Requirements

  • Only applicants with  basic knowledge in Microcontroller technology  ( eg. Arduino, basic stamp, raspberry pi etc)  or PLC should consider applying.
  • To apply candidates MUST BE resident in Accra.
  • Must be able to relate and teach children of the said ages of 7 and above (HIGHLY IMPORTANT)
  • Fluent in English, apt to teach, patient with children, ability to excite and motivate them
  • Punctuality to training sessions and meetings (HIGHLY IMPORTANT)
  • Basic knowledge in electronics. (Electrical circuit components: resistors, transistors, LED etc, sensors and how they are used in robots).
  • Ability to program the microcontrollers afore-mentioned on a professional level
  • Ability to assemble robotic gadgets with little or no assistance
  • Ability to solder electronic components professionally
  • Must be able to work under pressure and take initiatives with little or no assistance
  • Ability to use and circuit design applications or learn them in a short time. Eg. Eagle  

Other skills not immediately required but will be an advantage! 

  • Knowledge in any or more of these is also a plus; android studio, C++, java, html, PHP and databases
  • Mobile app development using android studio or hybrid platforms eg. Ionic, cordova etc 
  • Residents of Teshie, Nungua, Spintex, Lashibi, Sakumono, La. have an advantage

Interested applicants to send their C.Vs to [email protected] or visit  for more information.  

NB for part-time workers: Workers for part time basis would be required to work on Wednesdays(1-5pm), Fridays (1-5pm) and Saturdays (10am-1pm)

Please do not send your application as a part timer if you will not be available on the said days.

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