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Job Summary

Project Manager is responsible for keys as well as Passwords and everything related to the security of our students, our building and equipment.

  • Minimum Qualification: Diploma
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 1 year

Job Description

Job Location: Medie closer to Amasaman, Greater Accra

The position of Project Manager is responsible for a variety of projects. 

  • Security – the Project Manager is responsible for keys as well as Passwords and everything related to the security of our students, our building and equipment.  

  • Some projects are obvious and simple.  You would have a contact list of specialists who can help you maintain these issues.  For example:  Plumbing (mostly urgent issues) , Basic carpentry (i.e., repairing a handrail, broken desk or chair), Repairing cracked cement (contacting the mason), Maintaining the computers/wi-fi in the ICT Department, Maintaining the grounds (playground, gutter, building)

  • The Project Manager would manage the project from beginning to end.  Often these projects must be completed over weekends to avoid disruptions during class time.  During the month of August, the PM is responsible for the renovation and maintenance such as painting, classroom furniture, repairs, etc.  
  • Another critical set of responsibilities include meeting all the registrations, certificates, renewals, etc. as required by Government agencies.

  • The fourth level of projects is fun!  The PM creates the field trip program for the students.  The Admin staff takes recommendations from the PM and votes.  It is important to coordinate field trips with lesson plans to reinforce learning.  A number of considerations and potential problems must be anticipated to prevent a failed trip.  We have at least 7 field trips in the school year. Likewise, there are special events that require the coordination of a production team; set-up of canopies, chairs and music.
  • The last category of projects is a long-term strategy for building a new school.  We are preparing to purchase land, build a fence and build a JHS. We have a skeleton plan, but we will be going full-speed very soon.
  • We have agreed on a contractor and have contacts in the community who are specialists.  Building a team within our community, outside supports, etc.
  • The position of Project Manager (PM) is critical for the fluid and consistent efficiency of a private international school here in Medie.  The success of the PM position impacts the quality of education we provide for our children, the morale of the teachers and staff and the overall respect of the parents.
  • The position of Project Manager may encompass projects outside the school but include the same responsibilities.  Distinctions between the two positions will be noted.

The position will be accountable for the following reports and procedures:

  • Maintenance of all equipment, office machines to include:

    1. Plumbing issues (water, toilets, etc.
    2. Safety issues (fire extinguishers, hand rails, clear pathways, etc.)

    3. Sanitation issues (toilet, septic, animal waste around yard, etc.)

  • Coordinate and supervise all repairs and/or renovations done by outside contractors.  This includes:

    1. Acquiring necessary estimates, negotiating with contractors.
    2. Supervising the accountability of contractors (to complete jobs when promised, within estimate)

    3. Paying contractors out of petty cash, requiring receipts from contractors.

  • Coordinate and participate in various special events for the students and employees.  Many of these special events are to educate the students and inspire the teaching staff.  It is important that these events are planned carefully, considering any potential problems in advance, providing a smooth experience for all concerned.

  • Other duties as required.

    The success of our school, the quality of education that we provide, the trust and respect we maintain in the community leans heavily on the efficiency and integrity of the Project Manager.

Key Responsibilities and Performance Measures

  • Delegation of duties. The PM is accountable for 1 full-time employee while having occasional support (as needed  basis) from 2 other employees. Employees are aware and accountable for each task and their overall responsibilities. They recognize that they are part of a larger team and that their specific duties are important.
  • Employees have the necessary tools and equipment to accomplish their duties.  Likewise, students have access to fully functioning desks and equipment, such as, desktops, laptops and iPads.
  • Employees feel free to discuss job related concerns such as work hours, work flow, change in equipment or changes in activities that affect their position.
  • All equipment is working properly when needed.  Equipment that is not working is repaired or discarded as necessary.  Work areas are maintained in a clean, sanitary and safe manner. This includes, but is not limited to: Generator, Electrical, Plumbing, Kitchen, Water, Bathroom/washrooms, Printers, Windows, doors, locks, Stairs, Walkways, Playground, School bus
  • Special events are planned well in advance, few if any breakdowns or issues ensue and the overall response from students and staff is positive.
  • All renewals of documents and certificates are maintained regularly and on time and filed with Government Agencies.
  • Other duties as required.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Excellent English communication
  • Strong leadership and team building skills
  • Ability to negotiate with local vendors
  • Excel in time management (meeting deadlines)
  • Ability to communicate at all levels
  • Security aware
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to delegate tasks
  • Some proficiency in technical skills (Microsoft Office), wi-fi details, etc.
  • Attention to details
  • Budget savvy

TAKE NOTE: Applicants should be close to MEDIE and it environs


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