Portfolio strategy and investment manager

A Reputable Company

Job Summary

He/She will assist clients in investing their capital, whether via equities, bonds, derivatives, other financial instruments or assets such as currency or property He/She work on behalf of organizations such as multinationals, pension funds or insurance companies, where the sums of money invested can be vast Portfolio Strategy Investment Managers are a type of personal financial advisor He/She creates plans to help clients as well as their firms invest their assets wisely Portfolio Strategy Investment Managers oversee assets and manage securities on behalf of their firms and investors Clients or investors may be individuals or small businesses in the private sector or larger institutions and businesses Portfolio Strategy Investment Managers maximize the financial returns for investors by designing optimal development strategies They analyze financial gains, as well as assess risks and costs He/She must know when to buy and sell assets, trades, stocks and securities They must comply with state and SEC investment regulations while monitoring changes in the law pertaining to taxes on investments Supervision of other financial advisors and technical experts is also included in the job duties A Portfolio Strategy Manager, Manages mutual funds and other investment funds, such as hedge or venture funds He or she is usually an experienced investor, broker, fund manager, or trader with general industry knowledge and a track record of results Portfolio managers often have a specific investment approach, such as a focus on active or passive investments Portfolio Managers are presented with investment ideas from internal buy-side analysts and sell-side analysts from investment banks It is their job to sift through the relevant information and use their judgment to buy and sell securities Throughout each day, they read reports, talk to company managers and monitor industry and economic trends looking for the right company and time to invest the portfolio’s capital A team of analysts and researchers are ultimately responsible for establishing an investment strategy, selecting appropriate investments and allocating each investment properly for a fund or asset-management vehicle Portfolio managers make decisions about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against performance

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 2 years

Job Description

A Reputable Company seeks the services of a Portfolio Strategy and Investment Manager

Job Title: Portfolio Strategy and Investment Manager

Job Location: Accra, Greater Accra

Job Description

  • Steering and managing the business in the right direction towards creating more value
  • Holistic operational role, strategically pushing the business forward in all capacities
  • Entrepreneurial business management, developing new opportunities and representing the business in new ventures
  • Generating operational efficiencies and positioning the business to increase the value of the book
  • Portfolio management of positions
  • Portfolio optimization and enhancement through proactive and defensive positioning
  • Lead on restructuring if required in future
  • To take a supporting role in the execution of transactions
  • Corporate Finance and working capital management of the company
  • Developing new opportunities and representing the business in new ventures to increase the value of the book

Qualification and Requirements

  • A minimum of first degree in corporate finance, accounting, economics, mathematics, or a related field
  • A master’s degree in the above courses will be an added advantage
  • A certificate in the Ghana Stock Exchange course is a requirement
  • At least 2 to 5 years of relevant post qualification experience in a related field
  • A person who has work experience in the financial sector like banking or SEC regulated firms is a plus
  • Leveraged loan portfolio management or restructuring experience
  • Strong legal documentation and transaction experience
  • Strategically minded, previous management level experience required
  • Traditional credit background and strong credit awareness
  • Positive and progressive mindset, entrepreneurial and ambitious personality
  • Previous experience building a successful business
  • Down to earth, team player and “can do” personality traits
  • Ability to negotiate win-win agreements.
  • Ability to make timely decisions and to take action reflective of business objectives
  • Able to demonstrate a track record in creating value
  • Familiar with joint ventures and their contractual arrangements
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

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