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A Reputable Educational Firm

Job Summary

The Nursery Manager will be expected to provide high quality, flexible childcare for families from the local communities. The Nursery Manager will oversee the operation of the day nursery to the highest standards, ensuring that the best possible environment and care are provided for young children.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 2 years

Job Description

A Reputable Educational Firm seeks the services of a Nursery Manager  

Job Title:  Nursery Manager                     

Job Location: Accra, Greater Accra           

Reports to: General Manager

Main Responsibilities
  • To be responsible for and to oversee the day to day management, staffing, organisation and smooth running of the Nursery.
  • To develop the ethos of the nursery and create a welcoming and family friendly environment.
  • To be a member of the management team and to contribute to the strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation and development of the Nursery.
  • To be responsible at all times for high standards of care and education of children between 0 to five years in accordance with statutory requirements.
  • To ensure the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) / Montessori programmes are promoted and delivered within the setting and the principles adhered to.
  • To ensure effective communication between the Day Care staff and with all partner organisations.
  • To order and maintain equipment and resources in the Nursery
  • To be accountable and responsible for day to day financial systems directly relating to the Day Nursery provision.
  • To be responsible for admissions in line with the admissions policy agreed by the management team.
  • To keep a register and up to date records of all children and to give regular feedback to parents about their child’s development and progress.
  • To be responsible for organising training and monitoring students in line with company procedures. 

Supervision / Management of People
The post holder will be responsible for management, supervision and appraisal of the following staff 
  • Deputy Manager
  • Supervisors 
  • Nursery Assistants
  • Level 2/3 Workers
  • Unqualified / Level 1/2 Workers 
The Nursery Manager will identify staff training needs and facilitate training opportunities.
From time to time there may be a requirement to manage the work of staff who are appointed for supply work or to provide supervision for students on placement.
Creativity and Innovation
  • The Nursery Manager will have a key role in planning and monitoring of the nursery and implementing essential policies and procedures.  This will require creative thought together with an informed understanding of statutory requirements and best practice for childcare.
  • The Nursery Manager must work to Nursery policies about Keeping Children Safe, Equal Opportunities, Data Protection and Confidentiality.
  • The Nursery Manager will need to understand and implement policies and procedures (for example for Health and Safety) in relation to staff, buildings and resources. 

Contacts and Relationships
Working relationships will include the following:
  • Management team
  • All staff employed at the setting
  • Children 

  • Regulatory Authorities in Ghana
  • Parents and families
  • Staff from a wide range of other agencies and settings including the Social Services, and a range of voluntary /private sector organisations and Day Care providers. 
The Nursery Manager will be expected to build good working relationships at every level.  Working in partnership with parents and families is highly valued and the Nursery Manager must be approachable, friendly and able to communicate effectively at all times.
At all times the Nursery Manager will be expected to respect the confidentiality of sensitive family information (subject to child protection policies and procedures).
  • The Nursery Manager will work closely with the management team and other members of the management team.  Information and guidance will be readily available; however, the Nursery Manager will be expected to work autonomously in relation to the day to day management of Nursery. The role requires the confidence to make day to day decisions thoughtfully and with a high degree of sensitivity to the needs of children and families.
  • The Nursery Manager will be expected to make recommendations and proposals about service developments and changes, but not to make decisions about substantive changes to the Nursery. 
  • Decisions made by the Nursery Manager will directly impact on the day to day quality, availability and flexibility of Day Care for children and families.
  • The Nursery Manager will exercise discretion about which families may receive a service (in line with the Admissions Policy), and will be expected to interpret policies and procedures thoughtfully, consistently and tactfully. 
  • The Nursery Manager will have day to day responsibility for the planning of the setting and for the use of other resources.  Also for ensuring that the daycare provision is clean, safe and welcoming for families and staff.
  • The Nursery will be an authorised signatory for orders and staff timesheets to an agreed level of delegation. 
  • The Nursery Manager will be a key holder for the Nursery. 
Work Environment
a)  Work Demands
The Nursery Manager will need to demonstrate effective time and resource management to meet the planned needs of children and families and any anticipated demands that might be reasonably foreseen.  The Nursery Manager will need to be attentive to a planned timetable whilst retaining the flexibility to be accessible and available to parents and staff.  The Nursery Manager will need to make judgements about the delegation of tasks and responsibilities to the Deputy Manager and other staff in the Nursery.

b)  Physical Demands 
The work requires normal physical effort.  It may occasionally involve lifting and handling of training equipment, play equipment and other resources and to be involved in practical activities and physical care of young children.
c) Working Conditions
The Nursery Manager is mainly office/nursery based, but will be expected to attend meetings & training in other places.
Knowledge and Skills
  • Knowledge, understanding and practical experience of Day Care for young children 
  • Knowledge and practical understanding of child development and parenting
  • Knowledge and understanding of legislation and regulations relating to day care for young children and the inspections process for approval of day care settings
  • Knowledge and ability to create and implement policies and procedures consistent with legislation, regulations and local requirements
  • Able to work independently and to manage own time efficiently
  • Experience of managing, supervision and appraisal of staff
  • Ability to develop an effective team
  • Warm and caring personality – friendly and approachable to families
  • Ability to create and implement basic systems for child records and financial records
  • Ability to communicate effectively with staff at all levels
  • Commitment to the principle that families ‘know best’ about their own needs
  • Commitment to equal opportunities for all children and families 
A) Other Duties
The duties and responsibilities in this job description are not restrictive and the post holder may be required to undertake any other duties which may be required from time to time.  Any such duties should not, however, substantially change the general character of the post.
B) Equal Opportunities
The post holder must carry out his/her duties with full regard to the setting’s Equal Opportunities policy 
C) Health and Safety
The post holder must carry out his/her duties with full regard to the setting’s Health and Safety procedures.

Special Requirements  
  • Able to accommodate the flexible working hours that may be required 

Personal Qualities  

  • Commitment to equal opportunities for all children and families
  • Warm and caring personality – friendly and approachable for families
  • Commitment to partnership with families
  • Enthusiastic, innovative, energetic and able to motivate others
  • Flexible, practical and willing to ‘get your hands dirty’
  • Motivated to develop and maintain high quality provision and practice 


  • Ability to communicate confidently with a wide range of people
  • Able to work independently and to manage own time efficiently
  • Ability to supervise
  • Ability to create and maintain basic systems for childcare records and finance records   
  • Ability to use computer for basic childcare records and finance records 

Special Knowledge  

  • Knowledge of Foundation Stage curriculum /or Montessori
  • Knowledge, understanding and practical experience of daycare for young children
  • Knowledge, understanding and practical experience of child development and parenting
  • Knowledge of relevant legislation and the ability to develop policies/procedures consistent with legislation, best practice and the inspection process for daycare settings
  • Awareness of purposeful planning for children in daycare settings  
  • Up to date awareness of current thinking about the needs and care of young children 


Education / Training

  • BA Education Early Years
  • Ideally hold a Level 4 Early Years qualification NVQ
  • NNEB
  • Or acceptance equivalent qualifications 


  • Other training relevant to working in Day Care Settings
  • Level 4 Early Years qualification 


  • 2 Years post qualifying experience of which at least 2 have involved managing and supervising staff
  • Experience of working in more than one daycare setting 
  • Experience of delivering training 
  • Experience of supervising students 
  • Experience of managing buildings and other resources 
  • Experience of working with volunteers and/or parents as ‘partners’ in community development 

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