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25 - 45min assessment - Learn More
Why is there a skills assessment?
The employer wants to assess each candidate equally and fairly, and give you the opportunity to show your abilities.
How long is the assessment?
Normally between 25 - 45 mins depending on the skill being assessed.
Can I retake the assessment?
No, you can't re-take an assessment
Make sure you are ready and can focus 100% with no distractions.

Job Summary

To buy financial instruments at a lower price and sell it later at a higher price for a profit within the day to avoid holding positions overnight.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description

  • Checking the overnight price movements and looking for important news which could have triggered the underlying price-moves. 

  • Looking at a currency strength matrix to identify underperforming and over-performing currencies and the current risk sentiment in the market.

  • Checking the financial news for developments in the economy, politics, company news, analyst reports and market information before markets open.

  • Being aware of market-moving news reports, such as advance GDP numbers, non-farm payrolls, unemployment rates, central bank meetings, inflation rates and other unexpected market events which can cause a shift in risk sentiment since they can trigger a chart pattern breakout and form a lucrative trading opportunity for you.

  • Checking trade confirmations from the previous day against your trading blotter, where you maintain your activity notes and positions held overnight, even any mistakes you correct immediately.

  • Ascertaining that all trades have been settled successfully and checking how much cash and margin are available in you trading account

  • Entering follow-on trades to sell, buy or cover short sales.

  • Monitoring the financial news, price charts and quantitative analysis services that track market movements and apply mathematical analysis.

  • Closing out all positions when market closes to avoid risk of overnight surprises.

  • Placement of all pending orders

  • Actively managing trades by following the price-action and important market news so that if trades aren’t performing as expected you close them to avoid making huge losses.

  • Developing own strategies to maximize profits and limit losses

  • Analyzing current trends, predicting future trends and implementing steps to profit

  • Analyzing company information (revenue targets, EPS, option volatility, competitors) via 10K/10Qs and writing reports in order to prepare the group for earning releases.

  • Monitoring various microeconomic data in order to predict and keep track of market indices

  • Tracking stock movements using price filters in order to gauge and judge order flow/market inefficiencies.

  • Watching and analyzing the markets on a daily basis and formulate trading and investment strategies.

  • Creating cost benefit analysis (CBA) by performing statistical research and isolated key performance indicators through observation, research, and job shadowing.

  • Preparing for the next day by monitoring if there is a setup based on a chart pattern or trendline, in which a breakout may occur tomorrow or over the following few days. So you can mark those setups and keep an eye on them so you are prepared once the breakout happens.

  • Checking of economic calendar again and marking high-impact news releases which are scheduled for the next day. 

Qualification and Requirements

  • Minimum First Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Statistics, Mathematics, Accounting or Economics 

  • An MBA or MSC in the fields above or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certification would be an added advantage

  • Work Experience: 3 Years Minimum in working with an excellent Trading or Brokerage firm as a Day Trader. 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required


  • Ability to make fast investment decisions based on price information, news and charts

  • Ability to formulate long-term liquidity strategies

  • Ability to have strict risk management rules in place to withstand the intraday market volatility. 

  • Strong analytical skills to be able to read market data and consider alternative positions

  • Have an understanding of various mitigation activities when the market turns bad, such as “shorting” and “averaging down”

  • A thorough understanding of how the securities markets work and trading skills, such as the ability to analyze price charts

  • Possess a high aptitude for analyzing current trends, predicting future trends, and implementing steps to profit

  • Keeping a Trading Journal

  • Ability to pay attention to the position size in order to stay inside your risk management boundaries.

  • Understanding the workings of the global financial markets

  • You should possess the ability to judge and make decisions    

  • Must have keen interest and understanding of financial markets.                                                     

  • You must be able to take initiatives and think very fast.                                                                                                  

  • You should be able to exhibit professionalism and confidentiality in all situations                                                                    

  • Ability to pay attention to detail and accuracy                                                                           

  • You must be flexible 

Essential Attributes

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Discipline and Patience 

  • Calm character, able to prioritize and ensure smooth execution of tasks

  • Fluency in English – spoken and written

  • Ability to handle stress and details

  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy 

  • Maintain high levels of professionalism

  • Good numerical and IT skills

  • Well organized with an understanding of priorities and changing demands  

  • Have a professional knowledge of all Microsoft Office programmes

  • Should be able to work extra hours and weekends

Desirable Attributes: Additional language would be an added advantage

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A Reputable Company
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A Reputable Company
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A Reputable Company
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