General Manager (Engineering)


A Reputable Company

Job Summary

Perform duties of General Manager (Engineering)

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description

A Reputable Manufacturing Company seeks the services of a General Manager (Engineering)


Job Title: General Manager (Engineering)

 Job Location: Accra, Greater Accra

 Job Description

  • The General Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of Akuaba Ltd. and Akuaba Estates and reports directly to the Managing Director. 
  • Your job is to see that business is generated and that the company runs smoothly. 
  • You will  be expected to supervise and evaluate the managerial and administrative staff of the company. You may be called upon to act for the Managing Director in her absence. 
  • Specifically, the General Manager's  role falls into the following categories:
  • a. Supervisory
  • The General Manager supervises the work of the Administrative,
  • Marketing, Production, Accounts and Purchasing Managers (and any additional managers to be employed); convenes regular meetings, receives and review regular reports and monitors progress on agreed actions. 
  • b. Personnel and Welfare Matters : 
  • The General Manager:
  • 1. Receives from the Managing Director directives as to the Company’s personnel policies and the general lines of 
  • application.
  • 2. Advises and assists the person directly responsible for Personnel as well as heads of departments in the interpretation 
  • and application of the approved personnel policy.
  • 3. Represents and /or supports the Managing Director at discussions or negotiations with Union officials pertinent to the company's employment policies, wage rates and conditions. 
  • 4. Determines and lays down procedures to be carried out by the Administrative Manager and heads of departments in respect of a. recruitment of personnel at all levels  b. establishment and maintenance of all staff records 
  • c. promotions;
  • d. suggestion schemes
  • e. apprenticeship schemes; staff training and
  • development;
  • f. termination and dismissals.
  • 5. Ensures good management / worker relationships and a general congenial industrial atmosphere within the company. 
  • 6. Ensures that the safety standards are made known to all departments and periodically inspecting to ensure that they are being observed in practice. 
  • 7. Establishes safety standards and ensures that they are observed.
  • c. Properties 
  • The general Manager:
  • 1. Ensures that the company's properties are adequately maintained and safeguarded. 
  • 2. Ensures that the properties are kept in a clean and sanitary condition. Ensures that the properties are adequately supported with the necessary services i.e. water, power, telephone etc. 
  • d. Legal Matters 

  • The general Manager:
  • 1. Ensures that the companies comply with all statutory and other requirements including those of the Registrar of Companies  and Factory Inspection. 
  • 2. Draws the Managing Director's attention to the legal implications of the companies' operations and activities and  receives instructions to deal with pertinent issues. 
  • e. General Services

  • The General Manager:
  • 1. Supervises and assists with the management of the companies; security systems. 
  • 2. Supervises procurement, both local and foreign.
  • 3. Supervises transport administration.
  • 4. Supervises secretarial tasks and office management.
  • 5. Deals with immigration matters.
  • 6. Deals with the acquisition and utilization of consultancy
  • services
  • 7. Deals with insurance matters.
  • f. Others
  • The General Manager:
  • 1. Checks and authorizes (subject to approval limits and in close consultation with the Managing Director) all petty cash 
  • expenditures.

  • 2. Chairs the Management and Budget Committees.

  • 3. Sets up and convenes meetings of the security, housekeeping, safety and welfare committees; ensures that Keep accurate Minutes of all meetings are kept 
  • 4. Carry out any assignments as requested by the M.D. 
  • g. Limitations
  • 1. The General Manager has no authority to engage, transfer or dismiss any employee except under instructions from the Managing Director 
  • 2. The General Manager has no authority to fix or vary any rates of pay, wages or salaries but must maintain salary and wage  scheme as fixed by the Managing Director. 
  • h. Contacts within the Company
  • 1. Line Managers i.e. Marketing, Accounts, Finance (if appointed) and Production, auditor, secretaries, legal adviser (if appointed) 
  • i. The General Manager acts as the companies’ Public relations Officer and deals  interalia with: 
  • 1. T.U.C. 
  • 2. Foreign missions
  • 3. Employers' Associations
  • 4. Associations of Manufacturers
  • 5. Banks and Financial Institutions
  • 6. Insurers
  • 7. Export Promotion Council
  • 8. Others that may be relevant

Qualification and Requirements

  • A minimum of BSC in Industrial Engineering or related field
  • At least 5 years working experience as COO or a similar relevant role for 
  • In-depth knowledge in Manufacturing  of products.
  • Hands-on experience in strategic planning and business development
  • Good knowledge of data analysis and KPI
  • Familiarity enterprise IT applications and infrastructure
  • Outstanding organization and time management skills
  • Demonstrable competency in strategic planning and business development

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