Administrator (male)

A Reputable Hospital

Job Summary

He/She will plan, organize, direct, supervise, coordinate and control all areas of health services, including human resources, facilities, equipment, supplies, IT and other services that will ensure smooth operations of the hospital

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description

A Reputable Hospital seeks the services of an Administrator

Job Title: Administrator

Job Location: Accra (Tantra Hill), Greater Accra

Job Description

  • Ensure efficient utilization of resources in the hospital
  • Ensure availability of all necessary supplies and logistics and advise on resource allocation in the hospital
  • Facilitate the development, analysis and review of policies in the hospital in consultation with top level management
  • Development and implementation of quality standards. Ensure existence of quality assurance in the hospital at all times
  • Promote and maintain effective public relations with governmental and community agencies and individuals
  • Create goals related to service provision at the hospital in consultation with the GM and oversee their implementation
  • Communicate goals to employees
  • Advise department/unit heads in creating schedules to ensure all departments are adequately covered at all times
  • Maintain clean and safe environment at all times
  • Work closely with head of finance to find ways of reducing costs of production while maintaining quality service provision at the hospital
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies requirements
  • Ensure compliance with top management requirements and strive to meet expectations
  • Prepare and submit periodic operational reports of the facility
  • Maintenance of accurate records/data of clients and other stakeholders (e.g. insurance companies, suppliers, etc.)
  • Monitor and assess staff performance
  • Ensure efficient operations of every department in the hospital
  • Create avenues to enhance income generating activities at the facility
  • Develop plans for the hospital in consultation with the General Manager and ensure their effective implementation

Qualification and Requirements

  • Minimum of a Bachelors- preferably a Masters Degree
  • At least a housemanship or some years of experience in hospital administration
  • Areas of interest are health services administrator  
  • Should be assertive, smart and astute

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