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3 years ago, when we launched to the public, the mission was to help people solve one of the biggest challenges in their lives - finding the right job. We have been encouraged by testimonies of thousands who have found jobs through Jobberman (you can see some of the testimonies here

This year alone we have advertised over 27,000 jobs. 45% of these jobs were exclusively on Jobberman i.e they cannot be found anywhere else. However in Nigeria and Ghana, there are clearly more job seekers than jobs. The best that we can do is to keep getting better at finding the jobs wherever they are in Nigeria and to put them online to give jobseekers the best chance of finding the job that suits them.

Feedback from candidates and employers show that lots of qualified job seekers aren't chosen because they're lost among too many unqualified applications; companies are also not getting the best experience as they end up paying for quantity not quality (many candidates apply and only few are qualified).

We're happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about these changes at Please don't hesitate to contact us at or 
+233 - 302983187

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Deji, Lekan and Opeyemi