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Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post(s) for the Jobberman PRO.

Our readers are job seekers, employers (hiring managers, HR pros, and recruiters), and aspiring entrepreneurs. Topics we’re interested in include:

Job search advice

Job search success stories/ Motivationals

Career/ Entrepreneurial advice

Career management tools and technology reviews

Attracting, hiring, and retaining advice (for hiring managers, HR pros, or recruiters)

Interview tips



Present new ideas/insights, fresh perspectives, and unique approaches. We like to present readers with novel ideas and thoughts.  Think about why readers should care about your post while you work on your draft.

We reserve the right to edit, re-write or reject posts (title, inclusive). We’ll make minor edits without informing you first and we’ll send a post back if we think your topic needs more work.

Guest posts are unpaid and must be non-promotional. However; in return, we will provide you a 20-word promotional by-line and author page with an extended bio – here you can include (at most) 3 links to your blog or website and your social media profiles.

No link in the body of your post should be promotional and the links should be relevant in the topical context.

Content must be unique, fresh and thought-provoking. Since we write to the same audience, we hate to repeat ourselves.

Posts published under your name would require that you participate in the comments section; responding to questions or appreciating compliments… or just saying “hi”, either way; our readers are very important and we like to treat them as such.

Point of emphasis – we would not accept culled articles or articles you’ve submitted elsewhere; all articles must be written for Jobberman PRO and we’d like to know when you intend to post it elsewhere (credit to Jobberman PRO).

We don’t like to decline posts, but it could happen.

Send in your completed, ready-to-publish article to guestwriterjobs@jobberman.com.gh with Guest Post as subject of the email. DO NOT send in an article for appraisal, or to confirm if your write-up will win you a Nobel prize.

If you’d like to become a contributing author for Jobberman PRO, send an attached article to guestwriterjobs@jobberman.com.gh  with Contributing Author as subject of the email, indicating your interest to become a guest writer for Jobberman PRO.


For Tips, Ideas or Reports (Industry-relevant)

Send a mail to guestwriterjobs@jobberman.com.gh