6 Benefits of Working Remotely You May Not Know

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Nothing beats the freedom that comes with working remotely. Whether you want to enjoy some stunning scenery, need to be near family to help out remote work makes it possible. Given the chance, if you enjoy working in the office, perhaps trying out working remotely will change your mind.

Let’s take a look at the benefits you can derive from working remotely.

1. A Good Chance to Focus

Constant interruptions in the office can be a major blockade to productivity. It is very common to deal with the influx of requests and repeated conversations about frequently asked questions which in most cases been covered in emails. This problem is resolved when you work remotely because you can maintain your focus and fend off distractions. A study from the recent Jobberman Ghana white paper on millennials and the digital marketplace shows that many prefer working from home because there is 21% fewer distractions.

2. You Can Make Your Own Schedule

Working remotely gives you freedom over how you spend your time. You can decide to work four hours in the morning, enjoy the day and work four more hours at night. The choice is all yours as long as you get the job done. Remember, the freedom to work remotely is not supposed to stall your work. You need to enjoy the freedom you have but bear in mind the milestones you must achieve. You will be shocked to know that, in Ghana, there are work spaces that allow workers to work remotely.

3. You Can Work from Anywhere

The good news about working remotely is that you can choose wherever you’re most comfortable to work; whether at the library or your favourite cafe. You don’t have to bother with being confined in the open office or cubicle setting you dislike, as long as you have the tools to do your work. In an event where you have downtime, you can choose to explore the beautiful outdoors by taking a walk or can take a nap freely.

4. Avoid the Commute

Imagine having to dodge the usual terrible traffic situation you go through daily commuting andsave 30-90 minutes of productive work at home. You get to avoid long commutes which are detrimental to your health and increase stress levels. The time you save as a remote worker is yours to use on anything you want. If you are working on a side project, working remotely will help you push further in your career and work towards promotions.

5. You Can Save Money

When you calculate the amount of money you spend on your commute or lunch monthly, working remotely is the best option to save more money. At the comfort of your home, you will get the job done and still save money that can be used to help cater for other expenses. When you have the option to work remotely you can decide to rent a place with lower rent and not worry about renting a high-cost residence close to the office. This means you have more room in your budget for travel, save for an emergency fund or house, or simply have more for fun.

6. Ditch the professional clothes

If you are the type that hates to wear professional attires from Monday to Friday, then you need to fight for the opportunity to work remotely so you can spend all day in your pajamas if that’s your thing. You get to save money on a work wardrobe since professional clothes do not come cheap.

You don’t need to be in a straight jacket traditional office to get your job done. Once you have your work tools like good internet service etc., you can work from wherever you are, be productive and get to save money.

Do you have the flexibility of working from home? We’d love to hear from you.

Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
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