What Employers Need To Know About Shortlisting

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According to recruiters, one major challenge in recruitment is screening and shortlisting the most qualified candidates to fill up a role. They remain challenging because it is time-consuming.

At Jobberman, we make hiring easy and efficient for employers and recruiters. Our specialised shortlisting feature allows recruiters to get access to the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) which makes reviewing CV’s faster within a given time.

Here are 3 tips on why shortlisting makes recruitment more efficient.

1. Avoid Mishaps

Manual filtering sometimes causes big harm in the situation that recruiters tend to miss the most qualified candidates. To avoid these mishaps the ideal way is making use of the ATS to shortlist from the pool of applicants.

With Jobberman’s automated shortlisting system, regardless of the number of applications, shortlisting makes sorting very easy.

2. Eliminates Unqualified Candidates

The ATS is able to collect, scan and save candidates data in an organised database. Ad since it’s an automated system it easily eliminates applications if specific keywords set out are not identified per what the system is programmed to understand.

3. Saves Time

Shortlisting saves recruiters the time involved in scouring a large number of applications.Time is money, so save time and money in one place. Hire with ease using Jobberman.

And this is one of the 50 reasons why employers use Jobberman.


Genevieve Amponsah
Genevieve is a Community Marketer at Jobberman Ghana, who focuses on developing content that answers your questions, whether you are a job seeker or an employer. Her experiences span from news & radio production, to content marketing, SEO copy writing and voice over. She is a great storyteller.