7 Employee Wellness Programs Ideas Your Team Will Love

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Employee wellness programs have become a staple in many companies as a way to attract top talent, keep them happy and productive, and decrease employee turnover. In fact, from the survey on keeping millennials productive in the workplace, 18.6% of the respondents voted health and wellness facilities as their number one motivator to accomplish tasks at work.

The key to having a successful wellness program at work is encouraging overall well being while still keeping it fun. Are you having trouble figuring out what will work best for your team? Here are a few ideas;

1. Publish a Workplace Wellness Newsletter

A good way to show your team how much you care about their well being is to have their health needs documented. A wellness newsletter that they can visit from time to time should highlight the best fitness, nutrition, and educational content from around the Web. Compile the best articles each week or month into one email and send out for your employees to enjoy.

2. Provide Healthy Office Snacks

As much as we all love to get our mouths full enjoying tasty snacks, it is important we take a second look at their health benefits. Healthy snacks aid in weight control, improve mood and boost energy, making it a no brainer to provide for your office.

If you’re already providing snacks to your team, consider making the switch to healthier alternatives. At the very least, provide a majority of healthy items in your office and just a few traditional junk food items.

3. Hold a Health Fair

Bring in a specialist who offers biometric screenings and health assessment to give your team a roadmap to improved health. You can also invite a nutritionist to your office to talk about nutrition and wellness activities. A well organised health fair for your employees will be well appreciated and ultimately help achieve a healthier workforce.

4. Help Combat Eye Strain

Staring at a computer for hours on end can take a toll on your vision. The blurred edges of computerized typeface force your eye to constantly focus in and out for hours on end, which can lead to headaches and fatigue. You don’t want your team members taking productive days off frequenting the clinic for eye appointments.

5. Plan a Health Walk

Get your team in shape by organizing a recreational health walk activity. Though the goal is to promote health and wellness among the team, it will also go a long way to improve the bond among your team members. If you want to get everyone on your team to sign up willingly for the walk, you must make it as fun as possible with good music, and of course healthy foods they can all enjoy after a long and tiring activity.

Sharing such memorable moments together will keep everyone pushing for more health walks. Eventually, you will realize you have a team that loves to work out and improve their way of life while bonding with their colleagues.

6. Celebrate “Wellness Wednesday”

Have you ever considered setting a day aside to celebrate health and wellness in your workplace? Dedicate a day to try out any of the ideas on this list. One day a week seems much more manageable and can be a gateway to healthier lifestyles.
Wednesday is great because it’s in the middle of the week when employees usually experience a bit of a lull.

7. Survey Your employees to Find Out What is Working and What is Not

Don’t waste time and energy on corporate wellness initiatives that employees don’t find engaging or beneficial. Use Survey Monkey or Google Forms to create a survey to collect feedback from employees to find out what exactly works for them.

This is important to help you know if you should change your strategy or maintain and improve what you already have. You will be shocked to find out that your team may have more brilliant ideas on what works best for them. As long as they remain happy and healthy, you are sure to see a boost in their productivity levels.

If you can’t get your team engaged then your wellness program ideas will quickly lose steam. So make your initiatives fun, try new ideas and see what your team values the most.
Employees at companies with robust health and wellness programs feel engaged and cared for by their employers. Be that kind of employer and keep your teams wellness at heart.

Do you have any more fun and helpful ideas you would like to share? We would like to hear from you.

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