Use Valentine’s Day To Build Positive Office Relationships

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How to use Valentine's day to build positive office relationships

Valentine’s Day is not just all about romantic love.

Shouldn’t showing love and affection be a daily affair, and not marked for celebration on special days? Well, that is a controversial topic that will take days to argue over.

Valentine’s day celebration has come to stay. Though a foreign concept, Ghanaians have come to embrace it. The euphoria around this day goes way back to Universities and Tertiary campuses. Valentine’s day has become such an important celebration, to the extent that businesses have created mouth-watering romantic events around it.  It is the only occasion when most Ghanaian men try very hard to bring out their “romantic” selves. As for the ladies, it is a game of competition; who’s got the biggest bouquet of flowers, or box of chocolates or most romantic dinner?

The office space isn’t in the least immune to this love fever. Considering that the office is a human institution, it is only natural that Valentine’s day celebration will find it’s way into the workplace. Even though it is a day of romantic expressions, the day can be better used to promote team building activities which is good for the overall morale of the company.

1. Buy chocolate for the whole department

Valentine’s Day is also national chocolate day in Ghana. Show love to the whole team. Aside from promoting Ghana’s golden tree chocolates which are internationally recognised and enjoyed, offering chocolates to someone generally portrays a sign of affection and care. Being magnanimous whiles enjoying a box of chocolates with your team will build up team spirit, create a healthy relationship and ultimately improve productivity.

2. Buy a gift item for colleagues you’ve had grudges with

Office grudges are inevitable. Work functions overlap, projects go bad, friction occurs and tempers flare. Some people are able to resolve these grudges amicably and move on. Others take the bitter feelings to heart for a long time. Valentine’s day is for the celebration of love,and this isn’t just limited to romantic love. Work is not personal, and so everything that happens during working hours must not be taken personal. If you happen to find yourself trapped in circles of bitter love with colleagues or superiors, use Valentine’s day to break out of that bitterness and start to sow seeds of love. Show maturity. Once again you could send a box of Golden tree chocolate, or a val’s card to your begrudged colleague appreciating him/her as a valued team member. Infact, this act of reconciliation can turn around the bitter relationship to one of mutual respect.

3. Get your boss a goodwill Valentine’s day card

A free tip at this point: Just be sure your gift card isn’t one of romantic love and affection, otherwise you’re done! Valentine’s day is a good day to collectively show your boss that you care about him/her as a leader. Unless you have a special reason to singularly celebrate or appreciate your boss, It is recommended that you do this as a team effort. You could buy a Val’s day card and have every department member write personal goodwill messages. Another good idea is to organise a group lunch and take your boss out on Val’s day. This is healthy for bonding. Just remember, work can also be fun and we have a collective responsibility to make the office environment as comfortable as possible for everyone. Building stronger bonds by showing each other love and fraternal affection is healthy for both higher productivity and boosting of morale.

4. Organise a corporate social responsibility outreach:

Valentine day is a day of showing love and affection. While the focus is on romantic love, we shouldn’t forget about the downtrodden and destitute. We find ourselves where we are by mere luck and not through any special effort of ours. We’re lucky to be educated and employed because we were lucky to be born into certain homes, and under certain circumstances. Those street kids didn’t choose to born be on the streets. The poor families in our neighborhood didn’t choose to live in the circumstances they find themselves. If you find yourself blessed enough to be educated and earn a good living, do not forget about the group of people on the opposite side of the street. Vals day is an opportunity to reach out to the poor and destitute and to show them love. Organising an outreach of this nature will probably require weeks of planning with your colleagues. Plan, organise and buy provisions, essentials or hampers and go out on a magnanimous outreach. Touch the hearts of people who probably have no idea what Val’s day is all about. At the end of the day you will come back humbled, fulfilled and bonded as a team.

5. Find the courage to ask your office crush out

Office romance is a dicey topic. Emotions cannot be tamed easily and genuine relationships may be fledging in nooks and crevices of the office space. Depending on your company policies, Valentine may be an opportunity to finally let the skeleton out of the cupboard. If you’re genuinely attracted to a colleague and feel there is an opportunity to make something good out of it, Valentine’s day may be a time to give it a shot. This is a very sensitive move, so be careful how to go about it. Tensions could rise if it doesn’t go well and you may afterwards have to live with the uncomfortable feeling of bumping into that person every day. Remember stigmatisation could set in if some of your colleagues get to hear about it. Take all the possible scenarios of a “Val’s day go bad” into consideration when trying to find love on a Valentine’s day.

How are spending your Valentine’s day in the office? See you in the comments.

Billings Tanna