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For every business to grow and achieve the ultimate business objective, the right people with the right hard skills and attitude must be hired. Hiring talented and smart people improves productivity and efficiency in every organisation.

Hiring managers take pride when an employee is considered an asset to the company. It gives the sense of making the right choice. Jobberman is even making it better, convenient and most importantly efficient with our skills assessments tool which allows you to test for the best.

At Jobberman, our mission is to connect employers to talented individuals with the right skills who will be a great addition to their team hence, the skills assessments tool.

We are currently offering you first purchase for as low as GHS 850 to get you started.  So, take advantage and Test for the Best!

What Are Skills Assessments?

Skills Assessments are tailored tests that are used to test the abilities of applicants applying for a job. The results after the test enable the recruiter to assess if the applicant has the required skills (hard) for the job.  These tests have been curated by experts and are excellent predictors of a candidate’s ability to perform the tasks required for the role, therefore helping you objectively pick the most capable candidates.

Why Use Skills Assessments

  • Avoid Interviewing unqualified applicants
  • Discover who has the right skills
  • Make informed hiring decisions
  • Save time and money
  • Objectively compare candidates

Test For The Best

Get the right addition to your team with ease with the Jobberman Skills assessments. This is a sure way to avoid being bias during the hiring process and make an objective hiring decision. Get quality over quantity with the Jobberman skills assessment tool.

With Jobberman skills assessments, unqualified candidates are easily eliminated thereby saving you time from interviewing unqualified candidates so you get to interview only the right candidates for the job.

Add an assessment to your job listing and get quality over quantity today. Request a demo to learn more.


Genevieve Amponsah
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