What You Need To Stay Relevant In The Ghanaian Job Market

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The job market is constantly changing due to technological advancement, and only the those who adapt are pegged to survive. New roles keep emerging constantly while others quickly become irrelevant or give way to modern technologies, and consumer needs. This state of affairs should have everyone asking if their role will be needed in the next couple of years and how they can stay relevant in the fast evolving job market.

Get Formal Training

According to a recent publication by Jobberman Ghana titled ‘’The Job Seeker’s Guide’,  “Tertiary institutions in Ghana offer predominantly social science/humanities based programs, top specialisation among the largest segment of registered online job seekers are Administrative, Banking/Finance, Customer Service, Sales/Marketing, Teaching and Accounting. Degree and Diploma are the predominant qualifications possessed by users.

The current tertiary education curricular does not cater to the demands of the prevailing work climate, yet keeps churning out more graduates annually with insufficient skills to keep up with the evolving job market. For anyone seeking to stay on top of their industry, the need for education can not be overstated. Educational opportunities abound; from free and paid online courses to offline post-graduate degrees and diplomas and it is imperative to acquire the needed skills.

Keep Up

The speed at which this job market’s evolution is taking place makes it dangerous to rest on a qualification for too long. One has to follow industry news and trends through journals, websites, blogs, vlogs and all other avenues possible. Listen to industry leaders, pay attention to trends and catch on quickly before existing methods become unpopular.

First Degree is the most sought-after qualification, followed by Diploma and a Master’s degree. Entry level qualifications (0-1year) dominate. This is largely attributed to Sales/Marketing jobs which normally require entry-level qualifications to drive mass adoption of goods and services. A dominant Entry level qualification implies the most dominant salary range will be in the Gh¢500 – Gh¢1,500 range.’’ – The Job Seeker’s Guide

According to Jobberman Ghana’s ”The Job Seeker’s Guide” ebook, a Master’s Degree may not increase a candidate’s chances since it is the 3rd most sought qualification behind a degree and a diploma. Knowledge about industry trends and up-to-date skills, on the other hand, are more likely to keep a candidate relevant during the job hunt and while on the job.


Cashiers, receptionists, travel agents, tellers and data entry clerks among others are fast being replaced by robots, software, machines and apps. One way to stay relevant is to learn how your job is going to be automated and get ahead of the change. If travel agents will be replaced with booking apps, surely a brilliant agent will be needed to program the app to score the best deals and discounts. A travel agent can add a bit of software knowledge to his skills and become an asset to a booking app company. Because machines can never take humans out of their jobs completely, only reduce the number of humans needed. Learn everything you can about what your job will evolve into and position yourself at the helm of that change.


Meet industry people and engage them, plant yourself in circles that present to you opportunities to meet new people and engage them. Also, prepare yourself for these meetings and make meaningful contributions to conversations.  Make yourself visible without being imposing and leave people remembering you. You do not know how your next opportunity may come but you’d like to leave a good impression on everyone.

Enyonam Damesi


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