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I joined The Springboard Road Show train this year, as PR Officer for Jobberman Ghana and the experience has been an absolute bliss. I understand that while it is the prevailing objective of education to provide opportunities for students to reach their full potentials, guidance and counselling provides the most effective foundation the self-actualization.

Guidance and counselling properly conceived is the practice of encouraging and inspiring the youths to discover their interests, unearth their capabilities, articulate their SMART career goals and make steady progress in achieving them. Uncertain graduate employment prospects are a concern for all universities, which face an increasing problem of preparing graduates for a competitive employment market.

Furthermore, there now exists an oversupply of applicants for graduate placements.  Thus, it is essential that tertiary institutions and high schools invest resources into services that optimize success for students in entrepreneurship and job market.  In Ghana students face myriads of challenges which militate against their academic progress. Guidance and counselling must therefore be carefully designed and well executed at every level of the educational ladder.

However, this all-important role cannot be left exclusively to our colleges alone to perform. This is why Jobberman Ghana is elated to partner The Springboard Road Show in this regard. The Springboard Roadshow, is an annual nationwide career and personal development tour. In Sunyani, Bolgatanga, Tamale and Wa participants garnered life changing insights and career transforming instructions from high profile career specialists and industry leaders.  Participants were schooled on how to cultivate leadership skills, highlight career relevant skills, job search process and strategy, positive online personal branding, best practices for networking and acing interviews.

In a decade, the Springboard Road Show has become an indispensable component of the national developmental effort to empower a new crop of emerging leaders. There are certain qualities we cannot trust our ordinary and mundane educational system to more reliably provide. Founded on the basis that, while it is necessary to increase access to education it is equally imperative to develop the potential of students before they complete their studies. The Springboard Foundation understands that every child has unique characteristics which must be properly observed and nurtured by people with the technical know-how at the formative stage; so that proper nurturing of gifts and talents can take place.

Jobberman Ghana is delighted to be associated with the 2016 Springboard Road Show and encourages participants, both students and fresh graduates to patronise and take full advantage of the resources the 2016 Springboard Road Show offers. The interesting part is that this year, Jobberman Ghana and other sponsors have made it a free for all to attend. The train makes a stop at Ho, Accra, Koforidua, Cape Coast and Takoradi respectively in the coming weeks.

What are you waiting for? Be part of those daring to make a difference in their time. Dare to dream.


Jide Otoki