Online Recruitment: How To Recruit Top Talents Using Social Media

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A couple of years ago, it sounded fantastic to consider the possibility of scrolling thru social media profiles and posts to decide who to employ. It sounds more incredible against a backdrop of recruiters scouring graduation ceremonies to snatch the best and brightest students in order to be the first to make an offer. The internet of things has made it such that now, a recruiter wouldn’t have to leave his seat. How then does a recruiter ensure that he is hiring the best?

Create your own presence first

As a company that seeks to use social media to find people, you yourself should be “findable” on social media and this goes beyond just creating a profile that includes your mission and vision statement. You should post content that defines the company in a well-rounded manner. Such that, a prospective employee can visit your social media page and know what you do, how you do it, how you treat your customers and possibly how your existing employees feel about working for your company.

Get people to corroborate your story

Companies like Google, Adobe, Nike, Chick-fil-A and Walt Disney have become aspirational because their employees rate them highly and share stories of their awesome work experience on social media. By doing this, a company positions itself to constantly receive applications even when it is not actively recruiting and is guaranteed to attract the best talent during recruitment drives.

Don’t just listen, engage

To meet the best talent on social media, companies have to engage their followers. Joining industry-related conversations on platforms like Quora and LinkedIn can reveal incredible talent showing off their knowledge and expertise. Using hashtags and contributing to social media trending topics is also an effective way of discovering quality talent.

When searching on Linkedin, use filters

Linkedin is primarily a career networking site and is often guilty of leaving recruiters spoiled for choice and unable to decide. An efficient way of narrowing a search is to use filters to determine the exact skills required or number of years of experience.

See passion and enthusiasm

Many people love to share their daily life on social media, and work usually takes a considerable space in the daily lives of many people. By connecting with the right people and paying attention, a recruiter will be able to identify people who are passionate about their jobs. Such people tend to share experiences and challenges and occasionally share hacks that they might have discovered.

Create a strategy

Finally, create a social media recruitment strategy and inculcate it into your regular social schedule so that you are constantly opening up your recruitment pool to get the best talents when you need them. This makes the recruitment process less cumbersome and saves a lot of time and resources, which is the goal of online recruitment.

Enyonam Damesi