Quitting Work: When Is A Good Time To Quit Your Job?

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One will think that the obvious answer to the question of when to quit a job is when one doesn’t want to work there anymore. The nuances of quitting your job however are more complex than walking away on a whim. You have to take into consideration a lot factors from your finances to your ambitions and the fluidity of the job climate and above all the validity of the reason why you want to quit. Sometimes, people have a streak of bad days at work where they swear to leave the job and never return. This could be a temporary situation, try not to make a permanent decision based on it. When then is a good time to quit your job or start looking for a new one?

When your health is affected

It is never acceptable to sacrifice your health on the altar of a job. When you realize that your job is beginning to take a toll on your physical and mental health, or you need to rely on alcohol narcotic and other harmful substances, that is good time to quit your job before you suffer a full blown breakdown.

You hate your job

At some point in time, everyone has felt  like they hate something about their job or has blurted out “I hate my job” out of exasperation. When your job becomes more of a chore than it ought to be, such that you would rather be anywhere else or doing anything else than your actual job, you need to start looking for an exit plan.

The work is too easy

When you feel like you are capable of much more, and you could do your job without putting in any thought or creativity, you are better off in a more challenging role. Many people take jobs that are below their qualification as placeholders while they find their ideal role. So the moment you begin to feel too qualified for your current role, think of looking for an alternative and more challenging job opportunity.

When you find a better offer

Many people have learnt the hard way; that remaining loyal to an employer at your own expense is not a good idea. When you do find an offer that promises you a better opportunity than the one you currently have, the is no better time to send in a resignation or start considering the option to quit your job. However ensure you take some time to evaluate the new offer, and decide whether moving is a good idea or not. Look at things like benefits, work culture, room for career growth e.t.c. You wouldn’t want to jump from a frying pan right into the fire. Career changing mistakes can be quite costly.

If you are reading this…

If you are interested in an article that may recommend that you change your job, surely everything is not right at the job and you need to start looking elsewhere. If your current job role poses a lot of doubt and uncertainty, it is not a healthy environment for a thriving career. If you are unsure about working in a particular place, you probably shouldn’t.

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