Career Opportunities and Challenges in the Public Sector

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Perks of working in the public sector

This week our career series takes us to the door step of the inevitable public sector. Lots of young People today prefer to work in the private sector and they can give you a myriad of reasons. And can you blame them for that?  The negative feedback is that getting a job in the public sector is almost as if one has decided to deliberately embark on a fruitless journey. The “whom you Know” or “Who Knows you” syndrome has made it impossible to get a job in the public sector if you don’t have a connection with someone at the top or your brother should be the managing director of a public agency and knows someone who knows someone who knows someone and the cycle of “knowing” is ad infinitum. The closely guarded social class of glorified nepotism and sometimes the most glaring form of incompetence is just off putting and could very well be responsible for why lots of us shy away from the public sector.

In spite of the many shortfalls however, the public sector offers so many opportunities for people who have great career ambitions in mind. First you have to be smart about getting in and then you chart a course for yourself aiming for the top or the very best your career option can offer. Our previous article on the public will surely serve you with the nuggets of getting a job in the public sector. Please click read

“How lucky you can be to serve your nation and get paid for it”.  I say this with some sarcasm. Because even I, the most patriotic citizen of this country sometimes believe that this country is not worth dying for. But I recant minutes later after a usual soliloquy and pondering. After all, she is my mother land.

Build Your Resume And Track Record: Can you make yourself highly sought after? Sometimes our desperate government is ready to pay anything for service that only you can render. We can’t call that exploitation. You need to build a rand for yourself. People think it’s only those who work in the private sector who need to brand themselves but this should be true for all irrespective of whether in the public or private sector. Of course it may require that you acquire a degree, maybe 2nd and a 3rd degree. Determine to excel wherever whenever. If you can do this, then you may never have join in the job hustle. So make you relevant and highly competent. I rated this point first because it’s indispensable. However you should take the point bout networking very serious too.

Networking:  In today’s world of Business networking it really important. The ‘’whom you know” or “who knows you” phenomenon really works although sometimes this encourages incompetence and nepotism but you should see this in the positive light. Sometimes all you need is a recommendation to get the job or get promoted. The people you meet daily are sometimes they key. Build a good relationship with them as they help might come handy in the future. Get you know you mates in school, Graduate school, workplace colleagues and the list goes on.

Prepare For Workplace Politics And Politricks: This is not say that you have to be a politician to work in the public sector. You need to think like one. You must of a necessity be cunning if you want to get the very top. This would require some emotional stability on your part and how to appeal not only to the emotions of others but create a perception of yourself as leadership material and very capable. I am not saying be a hypocrite and sycophant. Uphold your values and at the same time excel in what do. You might be on the receiving end of politricks and setups. It happens. That’s why you’ve got be smart about it. You should know how to treat your fellow workers and superiors.

Build You Integrity And Value: The temptation is always so great. Especially when you salary is never enough to keep your home running. You open yourself to options and before you know, you have joined the ranks to nation wreckers. And the next thing you’re in jail for corruption. It is imperative that you discipline yourself and live according to your means. You could save and start your own business on the side but never rely on the salary that comes from the government. There are situations where workers are not paid for a 6 months and over. What will you do if you find yourself in a situation like this? Survival instincts. Stealing instincts? Well this is time to build the content of your character. I need not to tell how much you will need this later.

Prepare Your Exit Strategy: Sometimes is sad to say. But political regimes affect the public sector. Some government might decide to not to hire like in the case of Ghana where the government on the advice of the international monetary fund froze public sector employment for about three years. In some cases it might even be worse in terms of downsizing or reshuffling you might have to be let go. What would you do in a situation like that? If you are not prepared or insured yourself with a side income then the worst might just happen. Other factors might also lead you to losing that job and when you do you better be prepared

if you are thinking of a career in the public sector then you should consider  these points .please feel free to share your views in the comments section .

Billings Tanna