5 Internet Tools To Reinvent Your Career

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The lifespan of an average career lasts only long enough for the professional to adjust and add on or look on while his skills and competencies become obsolete and the system spews him out. That is the worst case scenario.  A professional is expected to evolve and shape-shift and often times, reinvent his career to stay relevant. One glaring instance is the position of an administrator that has in many organisations been merged with that of an HR, another is the rise of startups that are being crowd funded and managed by professionals stepping out of the corporate mould. As a professional trying to reinvent his career and stay relevant, what are some of the tools off of the internet that can be helpful? See below;


Coursera is a technology company that was started by two professors from Stanford University. It is focused on providing open source education to people all over the world through free online courses offered by reputable universities like Yale, Stanford, Harvard and countless others to build career skills without the added bottlenecks of applications, interviews and vetting. This is a very useful tool for individuals to learn as much as they can and be armed with ample information to reinvent their careers and make informed decisions on what paths to choose.


If you can sell your dreams right, you can have people from all over the world contributing for you to see them through. The gofundme platform does just that! For people trying to raise money for their fees, start-up businesses and basically anything else, they only have to create a campaign, add a target and sell their dreams to the rest of the world. This is a great opportunity for professionals in need of capital to reinvent or boost them in their careers.


Skillshare provides a platform for people in the same field to interact directly and learn handy practices that will be helpful. It is especially great for inexperienced workers who want to learn the ropes quickly. The platform allows anyone to teach, thus taking away the conventional classroom experience and making it more peer-to-peer. It is a great tool resource for anyone looking to become a voice or an authority in the field. It helps professionals to put themselves out and share their experiences while affording them an opportunity to learn and improve.

Today App

Today is a highly rated mobile app that allows anyone to track their habits, breaking them down into achievable targets with the help of a custom dashboard for each habit. Like Trello and many such platforms, it has a card system for sorting priorities, but Today has an integrated system for all data that makes it more personal. For individuals trying to keep up with the bustle of corporate life and still keep their long-term goals within reach, a habit tracker is necessary in order to prioritize and stay relevant in their chosen career while creating balance in their personal life.  


Skillsoft provides learning solutions for individuals and organisations. The platform provides both content and software for learning and training and can be relied on for tailored tools for career and skill enhancement. For someone trying to stay ahead in their career, this platform has years of experience and accolades under their belt and provides training for staff of many fortune 500 companies. It provides essential training that will be useful to professional who are trying to position themselves strategically in their chosen field or reinvent their careers altogether.

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.


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