5 Dangerous New Manager Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Promotion is an essential part of your work-life journey. Once you find yourself in the work space, you can’t help but seek advancement. Although a new manager role triggers a lot of excitement, there is also a hidden fear that is difficult to ignore. No one may see it, but, the excitement doesn’t always last long as anxiety may creep in. How to succeed and the occasional ‘’what if’s’’ form a huge chunk of your worry. This feeling of anxiety is what leads to mistakes that are harmful to your growth as a new manager. Let’s have a look at a few and how you can avoid them;

1.Focusing More on Pleasing Your New Team and Less On Meeting Goals

New managers are often eager to please their new team. They focus so much on proving that they are effective leaders and go to great lengths to please their employees. Though very admirable, you may also lose sight of the bigger picture. Worst case scenario is making huge promises you cannot keep. Your quest to develop a good relationship here is not overruled. But it is best to establish a connection between your team’s function and the overall company goals. You want to be friendly but don’t lose touch of the ultimate work goals.

2.Trying To Do ‘All’ By Yourself

The transition from employee to manager can be rough at the beginning. When you were an employee your focus was on achieving individual tasks and not managing an entire team. But with the whole team on your shoulder, can you do it all by yourself? No! There comes a time when you have to delegate some responsibilities. As you do this, you are required to supervise, guide and coach your team members. Learn to trust them. Do this by giving room for them to work on their own sometimes while you assist. As much as possible, try not to micromanage.

3. Acting Like A ‘Superhero’ Even When You Need Help

This is very common among new managers. There is the fear of being seen as incompetent once you ask for help. This is a wrong perception. You can’t know it all. From time to time, you will need help and it is okay to ask. Ask for clarification when you need to. Fact is, people are more likely to judge you harshly when you pretend that everything is alright. People will see through the “pretense”. Be confident when you know how to perform a task and be candid to your boss and team when you don’t. Keep it real at all times.

4. Listening More but Observing Less

Communication doesn’t only happen through words but also through body language. People share their feelings with a lot more of their body language than with words. When working with a team, there is more to gain from what you observe than what you hear. Learn to keep an open eye. A common response when asking about people’s well-being is ‘I’m fine’ but, are they really fine? They could be anxious or stressed and may never say a word. You can only tell by what their actions say. Looking closely at their non-verbal cues will present you with a much clearer picture. What are their struggles? Don’t blow off what you see. Follow up to find out if they may need additional support. Do you want your team to be more successful? Then watch, listen and follow-up.

5. Too Afraid to Make a Move

When you are a new manager, you often try not to come off as authoritative. You may spend a lot of time trying to get to know the team and may delay in getting things done. The fear is, you don’t want to jump in and start changing things. You start wondering how you will be perceived when you do. So you try to take it slow. The danger here is, it may backfire. As you wait for too long it, will hinder the team’s progress and they will begin to doubt your ability to manage effectively. Step in on time and always level up with your team.

There is usually not one method of effective management. You can only succeed as a manager when you commit yourself to the job.The key to winning as a new manager is gathering as much knowledge for yourself as possible. Though you may make mistakes sometimes,they can only make you a better manager for success in your role and not break you.

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Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
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