5 Infamous Networking Myths Vs Truths

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Do you find networking very intimidating? Almost everyone has an opinion of what networking is and how they go about it. But not everyone is successful at it because they make various networking mistakes. Until you attempt to network yourself you would never know what it really is like. Networking doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are 5 common dispelling myths that give networking a bad name and the truth you need to know;

1. Networking should be done as often as possible.

Truth: How often you network will not necessarily give you the results you are looking for. The magic is in how often you follow up on your networks. Gauge your current workload and only network as much as the time you have to follow up with the people you meet. The more events you attend, the more follow up work you’ll have. The magic happens when you follow up with people after a networking event.

2. Networking is about talking to as many new people 

Truth: The power of networking is in its quality and not its quantity. Though you may meet a lot of people, you’ll most likely have quality conversations with only a few of them at each event. 

3. Only Desperate Job-seekers Attend Networking Events

Truth:  Networking is not only done by job seekers. Employers, recruiters and hiring managers also attending such events. They choose who to do business with and may also be there looking for great talents like you. The focus is on building relationships and this is not just for desperate job seekers.

4. Networking is important only when you need a job

Truth: Building a solid network takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. The best way to do this is to start now. When you have to get your foot in the door somewhere or need a referral, you can easily reach out to them without fear of rejection. They will be ready to assist any way they can because you’ve already built and maintained strong relationships.

Myth #5 – Networking is full of unproductive conversations

Truth: Many who embrace networking get great results through introductions, partnerships and business deals. Those who make conscious efforts to meet new people form useful relationships and add value to themselves. Find a group you resonate with and make new friends. Notice how you will realize results from your networking efforts.

As you may already know, myths are commonly believed but turnout false. As the truth unravels today, make it a point to go out there and make new contacts. You never know who could be out there looking for your skill set.

Are there anymore networking myths you know that are not on this list? Go ahead and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below

Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
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