Jobberman Ghana holds HR in Ghana Breakfast Session 3rd Edition

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For the 3rd time, Jobberman Ghana has held once again another spectacular edition of the most anticipated HR in Ghana Breakfast session for Human Resource professionals and representatives across Ghana and from various industries.

The gathering which took place on Thursday, the 28th of February, 2019 at the luxurious AH Hotel focused on the topic; Diversity and Inclusion: Making Full Use of Resources for Growth. This session brought to bear diverse views and experiences on diversity and inclusion in the workplace and brought together about a hundred industry professionals from various reputable companies such as VRA, Accra Brewery, IBM, Databank, Ace Medical Insurance, Phoenix Health and many more.

To open the ceremony, the CEO Of Jobberman Ghana, Geoffrey France gave a warm welcome speech to all the participants and stressed on the history and purpose of the HR in Ghana Breakfast Session. Addressing the topic for discussion, he encouraged the house on the ways to include people from diverse backgrounds in the workplace in order to benefit from the individual unique skills they all possess.

He also touched on how much Jobberman values its relationship with clients and all who made time outside their busy schedule to grace the event. In addition, he mentioned that Jobberman is a growing brand with over 510,000 registered job seekers and 180,000 employers in their database and has a relentless passion to remain Ghana’s leading HR solutions provider, as it strives to provide the best of services to its clients.

Mr. France also promised to give for the first time the Jobberman Ghana User Experience where participants will get to witness the fastest recruitment process Jobberman Ghana employs to hire the best talents. In his final words on the opening of the event, he stated that indeed “ As HR Company of the Year 2019, we are proud to say that the HR in Ghana Breakfast Session is here to stay”.

Before the commencement of the panel discussion, Mr. Alfred Mortey -Head of Operations at Jobberman Ghana took the house through the Jobberman User Experience where a telemarketer role was listed on the Jobberman Ghana website to show how effective, simple and fast the website has been designed to ease the stress that hiring managers need not go through anymore to recruit employees in their respective companies.

With that displayed on the big screen while the panel discussion took effect, in about 3 hours the website had accumulated 920 views, and 87 applications. This was accomplished within a short period of time with the help of good publicity by the able Jobberman Ghana Marketing team who pushed the vacant role on social media, email and via SMS to the vast pool of Job Seekers in the Jobberman database.

In effect, it was reaffirmed that the Jobberman Ghana website is indeed the best platform to ease the process of HR recruitment in Ghana and make shortlisting and hiring faster without a hustle.

The first part of the session was set in motion with a panel discussion on the theme, which was moderated by Ms. Gifty Ayoka-Director of Community Partnerships & Family Support, Alexis Miranda Foundation.

The Six (6) renowned HR professionals who were carefully selected for the discussion are (from the left); Mrs. Yvonne Wiredu Akpabli, Group Head, HR-Databank; Nana Antwiwaa Asante, Country People Lead, Accra Brewery Ltd.; Mr. Edward Kwapong, Commissioner – Fair Wages and Salary Commission; Mr. Andy Mensah, HR Partner Ghana and Central Africa – IBM; Stella Agyenim-Boateng, Director-Human Resource, VRA; and; Ms. Gifty Ayoka-Director of Community Partnerships & Family Support, Alexis Miranda Foundation.

The astute professionals shared insights on the importance of diversity in their individual organizations, the benefits they have identified over the years and how well strategies for diversity have been implemented in their respective companies. It emerged that Diversity in the workplace goes beyond promoting gender equality in the workplace to matters on accepting Persons with Disability in workplaces in Ghana.

It was established that the purpose of diversity in the work environment involves promoting acceptance, respect, and teamwork despite differences in race, age, gender, native language, political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, or communication styles among employees.

The benefits of diversity were also explored to include; increased productivity, improved creativity, improved employee engagement, reduced employee turnover, improved company reputation, a wider range of skills and improved cultural insights, just to mention a few.

After 35 minutes of a deep compelling conversation on the subject and a few questions that were thoroughly addressed, the session came to an end with the participants filled with new inspiration and ideas to promote diversity in the workplace.

Heather O’shea of The African Talent Company (TATC) also took over the 2nd Session, HR Clinic, after participants took a break to engage in a brief moment of networking while grabbing their breakfast. She presented on the importance of HR managers to conduct proper Talent Assessment to better select the best talents for their organization, bearing in mind the need to diversify.

In bringing the monumental event to a close, the CEO of Jobberman Ghana, Mr. Geoffrey France expressed his sincere gratitude to; all the adroit panel members; Heather O’shea; the sponsors; partners; and everyone for their immense support to making the 3rd Edition of the HR in Ghana Breakfast Session a success. He also emphasized on continuing and strengthening the relationship that has already begun between Jobberman Ghana and all.

Do you want to catch a glimpse of the just ended HR in Ghana Breakfast Session? Take a look and share your views with us.

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