Chaley, Chao-Chao Jobs Pae For Jobberman Ghana!

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167 breaks the barrier between job seekers and employers

Unemployment rate within the country is to see a turn-around with the introduction of, an on-line free job advertising portal, on the market.

The medium affords job seekers and employers alike the opportunity to find the preferred match in jobs and personnel at no monetary cost at all while saving them time.

This is made possible through well-tailored job products and services meant to satisfy the growing needs of the modern employer and the job seeker. packages prepare these two parties to meet each other’s requirements and expectations; easing the stress involved in job hunting and selection of satisfactorily qualified candidates to take up employment roles within organisations.

Throwing light on this, the Country Consultant for, Jide Otoki, said “We have realized that employers have job vacancies to advertise yet face challenges reaching adequately qualified job seekers for one reason or the other. We break this barrier by giving employers the opportunity to use our Job advertising service free of charge. At the same time, provide an avenue for job seekers to sell themselves to relevant employers”. is a fast growing job advertising portal with over ten (10) million job vacancies in its database and an average of one hundred and fifty (150) new Resumes posted daily.

As the go-to website for latest job updates, it has proven itself useful to business and commerce within a year of operations in Ghana.

Nathan Jeffery