How Do You Manage Job Search Rejection?

| 2 min read

The subject of “rejection” routinely appears in conversation with clients:

  • I can’t believe they didn’t hire me; I was a perfect fit for the job. Rejected.
  • The offer was rescinded; unbelievable, especially since I already gave my notice. Rejected. 
  • I was the most qualified by far and they gave the job to another candidate. Rejected. 
  • They went with someone else and wished me all the best in the future. Rejected. 
  • I was told the internal candidate was the one selected for the position, not me. Rejected.

Rejection – it’s everywhere. Here, there and everywhere when you are in job search mode. Do not let rejection distract you, derail you or disenchant you. Keep going. Keep moving. Do not stop until you are the Number One pick!

Realize that brands attract, brands repel. You have preferences; so do hiring managers.


Educate yourself on best practices of the job search.


Join conversations, meetings and groups, both offline and online to learn, grow and stay current.


Enlist the support, guidance and direction of a trusted team to navigate your way forward.


Connect with others on a consistent basis. Someone, somewhere knows somebody or something that would be good for you to know.


Transition is a process; track your progress to improve performance.


Exhibit excellence in all things job-search related.


Don’t quit on yourself or the search. Some organization, somewhere needs you.

What do you think?

Jide Otoki