Job Application. Should It Be Your Experience or Certificate? (Twitter Q&A Recap)

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Yvonne Tagoe
Yvonne Tagoe

Below is a summary of our Live Twitter Q & A session with Jobberman Ghana’s Recruitment Solutions Consultant, Yvonne Tagoe on Friday 13th May 2016. Using the hashtag ‪#‎jobbermangh4jobs, we were able to create a meaningful conversation around the topic “Job Application. Should it be your experience or Certificate”. Questions from participants and answers from our Resource Person are compiled into this blog post for easy reference.

Q1. Between work experience and certificates, which is more important to consider when screening and selecting candidates for a job opening?

ANSWER: Work experience is always a priority. Certificates are complementary to professional experience.

Q2. Can you please explain why you will prioritize work experience over certificates?

ANSWER: It is proven that experienced candidates are real high flyers and solution providers.

Q3. This obviously puts fresh graduates at a disadvantage right?  How can fresh graduates be competitive in a job market, which chooses work experience over certificates?

ANSWER: Pursue entry level jobs in your industry of choice; i.e. voluntary work, internships, attachment, family businesses, etc

Q4. How can fresh graduate quantify their work experience?

ANSWER: It is not just work related experiences. All extra-curricular activities related to the corporate environment is considered a prerequisite skill set and must be factored in. Read article on how Fresh graduates can quantify their experience

Q5. Consider this. Two ladies, one has an M.A in Marketing and 2 years of work experience and the other has a BSc in Marketing and 5years of work experience. Which one of these ladies will you select for a Marketing Manager role?

ANSWER: BSC + 5yrs is an ideal candidate for a Middle Management role. Complemented with MA could have been a huge plus.

Q6. In which situation will employers prioritize certificates over work experience?

ANSWER: Highly technical and sensitive professions e.g. Medicine & Health Care, safety environments, etc. 3 out of 10 probably in such instances.

Q7. Experts assert that a perfect blend of certificates and work experience is the best match for any job opening. What are your thoughts on that? 

ANSWER: True… In the same career context. The right certificate and experience is indeed the best for any job opening.

Q8. Do you have any thoughts on the situation where job seekers fake experience on their CVs just to be competitive on the job market?

ANSWER: It is easy for an experienced hiring manager to decipher the truth. Never fake work experience. It can unmake you.

Q9. Your final words to students, jobseekers and fresh graduates.

ANSWER: Work for free, get the right mix of experience and qualification, have a good CV and you will secure a good job.

Q10. what about professional certificates vs professional experience. is it same?

ANSWER: Professional certs usually are geared towards specific career paths; you would still need some work experience.

Q11. Is it ok to round of months of experience to years, eg. 7 months to 1 year?

ANSWER: No. It is important to be as transparent as possible in your writing your CV.

Q12. how do you feel about recruitment agencies asking job seekers to pay registration,application fees etc

ANSWER: We at Jobberman Ghana do not advise job seekers to pay money for a job. It is inappropriate. That is why we don’t charge job seekers any money.



Yvonne is a Recruitment Solutions Consultant with Jobberman Ghana. She has over 5 years of experience in recruitment and HR related services.

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