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What is more painful than missing out on a job opportunity you qualify for because you didn’t know it exists? The saddest part is once the chance is gone you will never get it back.

But, did you know a total of 30 to 35 jobs are listed daily on the Jobberman website? The website is designed to feed you with job vacancies from all industries in the Ghanaian jobs market. Whether your interest is within the administrative, engineering, teaching, sales, marketing, accounting, finance, auditing, communications, medical, agriculture or procurement – industries, etc., you are not left out.

Jobberman, since its inception in 2012 is no doubt the home for different job vacancies in Ghana. We have over the years transformed lives through life-changing job opportunities while giving employers access to the large pool of quality talents; ranging from blue collar to white collar job functions.

Job Alerts are the Real Deal

How do you know when a job is available to you when you have other agendas and cannot browse the site 24/7? Perhaps you are an entry-level job seeker or seeking a new job. Either way, without regular and timely prompts on what’s available, your dream job will be out of reach. This is why we propose to you the Jobberman Job Alert Feature.

Whether you are on the bus, in a meeting or interviewing for a role, your mobile device will be buzzing with new hot job opportunities to choose from as soon as they are loaded into the platform. This amazing feature is available to you once you sign up as a job seeker.

Creating Your Job Alert

Do you want to receive notification on new jobs that match your needs and allow you to quickly respond?

Here are two job alert options with different benefits you can enjoy:

1. The Basic Alert (FREE)

This comes at zero cost and gives you;

  • Daily email of new matching jobs
  • Limited job functions & locations
  • Email notifications and,
  • Limited amount of alerts (Maximum of 3 per day)

2. The Premium Alert

As the name connotes, the premium alert is loaded with much more exciting benefits. Going for a monthly charge of GHS 20.00 (equivalent to GHS 1.00 per day) you can enjoy;

  • Daily email of new matching jobs
  • Multiple job functions & locations
  • Email notifications and,
  • Unlimited amount of alerts

It also comes with extra features;

  • SMS Notification and,
  • Instant Notification

No need to wait until the next day when you can be the first to hear of new online jobs.

Create your alert HERE and receive instant Job alert notifications to your email or phone.

Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
Social Media and Community Marketer at Jobberman Ghana || Blogger || Motivator || Radio host || "Knowledge is like a garden. If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested."