Interview Dos and Don’ts

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Knowing how to conduct yourself in an interview is an essential skill for everyone looking to get a job or change jobs. How you present yourself at an interview can either work in your favour or go against you. You might not be the strongest candidate in the bunch but your interview skills will tilt things in your favour, the same way you may be the strongest candidate yet, your interview skills will work against you. So what are the things you should or shouldn’t do at a job interview

Did you know that carrying your bag on your lap during an interview betrays a lack of confidence? Are you aware of the things that shouldn’t be mentioned in a job interview, or how your body language is interpreted by the panel? In the January edition of our monthly Facebook live event, our host Enyonam Damesi interacts with Business Development specialist and Senior Recruiter, Irene Austin and Business Development Specialist Nana Kwesi Adu-Asare. They share interview experiences and lessons and above all interview dos and don’ts that will prove very helpful to candidates.


If you missed the live event you can watch it here. Also keep an eye out for the February edition of our monthly Facebook live.

Interview Do's and Don'ts

Posted by Jobberman Ghana on Monday, January 22, 2018



Enyonam Damesi


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