Millennials and the Digital Marketplace HR forum

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As millennials continue to occupy the workplace, it is essential for employers to create an employee-centered culture that fosters productivity. This is why Jobberman Ghana deemed it prudent to bring together top-notch HR experts for an insightful HR forum discussion to digest the findings of the white paper; Millennials and the Digital Marketplace; a research paper conducted and produced by Jobberman Ghana.

The gathering which took place on Wednesday 30th January 2019 at 9:00 am at the Jobberman Ghana premises, had in attendance 18 bespoke Human Resource persons who graced the occasion with their expert knowledge as Human Resources professionals and their many years of experience in the field.

The CEO of Jobberman Ghana, Mr. Geoffery France, took to the stage to welcome the house and appreciated everyone for honouring the invitation to participate in the forum discussion. Introducing the white paper, Mr. France mentioned that keeping millennials productive in the workplace does not have to be a daunting task. This is why the issue of millennials and the digital marketplace explores the what, how and why employers should keep millennials productive in the workplace, with focus on five important factors in the form of Work Culture, Sense of Pride, Diversity & Inclusion, Training & Development Opportunities and Tools.

He stated that the case study for the research was the Pan-African technology company, Andela whose brand embodies factors Jobberman Ghana identified as crucial to ensuring productivity among the millennial cohort. In his words, “the company was chosen as the case study because of their mission to advance human potential by empowering today’s teams and investing in tomorrow’s leaders.

Mr. Geoffrey France emphasized that, to better understand millennials and productivity in the workplace, 2,575 Ghanaian candidates were surveyed and their responses are specifically reflected in the white paper survey results section. He added that interviews were conducted for key management staff (Senior Director of People, Operations Director and People Operations Manager) and numerous developers from Andela, in addition to data gathered from the internal database at Jobberman Ghana and from external research.

With an emphasis on the findings of the survey, the floor was opened for the HR experts to share their thoughts and insightful stories on their individual experiences in working with millennials. Collectively, they agreed that there is the need to harness the potential of the younger generation by creating and empowering diverse audiences while emphasizing an innovative flexible working culture; and equip them with the right tools and learning and development opportunities. This was agreed to serve as a great competitive advantage, not only to millennials but also to employers.

The HR forum was indeed a resounding success as it met its purpose to launch and discuss the white paper survey. Bringing the event to a close, the Chief Executive Officer of Jobberman Ghana, Geoffrey France made a promise to the general public for great expectations in the quest to provide excellent Human Resources and recruitment solutions in Ghana.

The Jobberman Ghana brand has gained much recognition for being Ghana’s leading jobs website and continues to serve this purpose to both employers and job seekers across the country. The institution is also set for the 3rd edition of its prestigious HR in Ghana Breakfast Session on 28th February 2019 where HR leaders get to share and receive insight into solving the many challenges that they face in the workplace.

Download the white paper; Millennials and the Digital Marketplace and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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