How To Write An Attractive Job Description To Attract Candidates

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The best job descriptions combine a little bit of marketing, the reality of the role, the necessary skills and competencies, and the organization’s culture. Hiring the best match starts with attracting the best talent. Here is how to write an attractive job description to attract the right candidate.

 Use Simple Job Titles

You would like to consider the job search process from a candidate’s point of view. Use simple terms understood by all. You may want to use a Software Engineer or a programmer instead of a coder. Using simple terms makes it easier to get the right candidate for the job. When writing your job descriptions, try to home in on the keywords your target audience is searching for, to avoid getting mislaid in the troop, try to make your job descriptions as specific and direct as possible.

Give Specific Job Descriptions

While you don’t want your job description to be very lengthy, you do want to make it as detailed as possible. List very salient points and make sure to Spell out the application process. Give the necessary spacing to make it visible to all. List the years of experience, day-to-day responsibilities, roles and functions within the organization, a contact address or number and a salary range. Detail everything from when they first apply to when they get hired. State the deadline for application and the period within which candidates will be reached. The need for details extends to job titles, as well.

Advertise your Location

Moving long distances to work is an obstacle to many job seekers. If you want to attract people from within the location where the job is, sell applicants on the location. Give them details about where the job is located and maybe some kilometers away from a popular school, church restaurant or any other landmark.

State the Application Process

Detail everything from when they first apply to when they get hired. Candidates won’t be left in the dark about “what happens next.” This is especially important if you have a role that is one interview hire. State the deadline for application and the period within which qualified candidates will be reached.
When employers write job descriptions the goal is that the person with the right skills and experience will read the job advertisement and apply. What we found was that many employers were lowering their chances of finding the right candidate and didn’t even realize it. Get it right. Get the best and brightest.
Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
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