The Top 6 Reasons Employers Hire Interns

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An internship is a job training for professional careers. Internships for professional careers are similar in some ways to apprenticeships for vocational jobs. Thus, an intern is a student trainee who works especially during long academic recess, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

With the long vacation just around the corner, many employers are going through the process of hiring one or more summer interns into their organization right now. But why go through all the effort of hiring, training and supervising a short term, inexperienced employee who will probably have to leave your organization to go back to school come fall?

As it turns out there are plenty of reasons why. Here are the top ten reasons cited by employers:

Find future employees.

An internship program can be a useful way of finding great employees. A well implemented internship program means you have an ongoing pipeline of future fulltime employees. Companies seeking expertise must appeal to tomorrow’s staff while they’re still schooling and looking for internships and hand pick the best of the bunch when it comes time to hire.

Moreover, university campuses are viral societies. This means if your organization impresses one class of interns, word will quickly spread. Soon you’ll find the most sought-after student talent is interested in working with you.

Test-drive the talent

Internships are great times to test-drive talents. Sometimes, a new employee makes a solid impression at an interview, but then just doesn’t gel with your current team or your company’s way of doing things.

Hiring someone as an intern is the most effective way to evaluate their potential as a fulltime employee. When you “try out” candidates via a long vacation internship program, you make fewer mistakes when it comes to fulltime staffing; you avoid the pitfall of training a new hire, only to find out they’re not a fit for your organization.

Increase productivity.

Speaking of additional manpower, setting up an internship program allows you to take advantage of short-term support.

The extra sets of hands help your employees to be more productive, prevent them from becoming overburdened by side projects, as well as free them up to accomplish more creative tasks or those where higher-level, strategic thinking or expertise is required.

Enhance perspective.

It’s not just the extra sets of hands that make interns advantageous. Especially in small and medium organization, new people bring with them novel perspectives, fresh ideas, and specialized strengths and skill sets. These augment the abilities of your professional workforce.

Take advantage of low-cost labour.

Interns are an inexpensive resource. Their salaries are significantly lower than staff employees, and you aren’t obligated to pay unemployment or a severance packages when they are leaving. Moreover, while their wage requirements are modest, they’re among the most highly motivated members of the workforce.

Give back to the community.

As a small or medium scale business, you likely rely on community support. Creating an internship program is an excellent way to give back. Hiring interns not only helps students in your community get started; it enhances the local workforce as a whole. They gain experience, develop skills, make connections, strengthen their resumes, learn about a field, and assess their interest and abilities.

The Bottom Line

It is instructive for student who are genuinely seeking work experience to not only consider the big-names corporate Ghana. When seeking internships, learning is the leading draw. Students are more likely to get more hands-on training, real experience, and mentoring opportunities with smaller organizations than the corporate giants.

Finally, I trust this piece presents a compelling case for businesses both large and small to develop internship programs to facilitate the success of their company.

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Jide Otoki