Critical Tips to consider as you grow your career

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Surround yourself with people who nurture and encourage you

 Choose carefully your career and life mentors. Looking up to them helps you to reach for what you want to achieve. Do not entertain people who will distract you from achieving your goals.

 Job interviews should be understood in two ways- before going for a job interview, always remember not to only look at how you are going to be offered the job and the money involved.  Also look out for an organization which is going to help you in your career growth by developing you.

      1. Maintain your professional reputation- when growing your career, one important thing you should pay particular attention to is your reputation. You should insist on your professional ethics and avoid burning bridges to get things done. Compromising negatively to have things done may not have effect on your career immediately but will definitely come back to hurt you when you least expect.
      2. Take positive cues in negative situations- A lot happens during your line of duty at the work place and even your personal life. Instead of looking at how bad the situation was and pitying yourself, why don’t you look at how the situation has affected you and how best you can get out of such a situation the next time?
      3. Learn to show gratitude- If someone does you a favour, take a moment to show your appreciation. Such gestures leave a lasting impression and allow you to always go back when need be.
      4. Learn to say NO- mostly we get a lot of requests from colleagues and friends for our time that can be tempting to say yes, meanwhile you started your week with a schedule to complete certain tasks. You must learn to say NO to unplanned invitations to be able to concentrate on what you want to achieve.


Nathan Jeffery