Discover Key Insights and Trends in the Ghana Job Market

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It is hard to collate statistics on the number of jobs created in Ghana due to a varied number of posting avenues and no centralized way to put all the data together.  A good way to know the number of job openings that are made available periodically is newspaper and jobs website listings. However, jobs website statistics provide a more accurate and convenient means of gathering jobs statistics.

Jobberman Ghana remains the largest jobs website in Ghana, and as such, receives a considerable number of the daily vacancy posts. This provides a reliable repository for employment data. This data can be used to reasonably analyze the different dynamics of the job market in terms of job listings, job applications sent per listings, applicant specialization and qualification, salary ranges etc. By presenting this data in a structured manner, employers are able to decipher trends in the Ghanaian job market and make applicant-prospecting and job placement more data informed.

This means less time prospecting for the right candidate, and more value for money when paying for placement services, since ad listings will be optimized with the right targeting. It ultimately helps employers tap into higher quality job applicants.

Jobberman Ghana has launched an eBook that reveals the figures that truly reflect the employment situation in Ghana, providing data on salary expectations commensurate with qualifications and experience, gender distribution, age distribution and industry averages in terms of experience requirements and remuneration. Download a copy of the eBook for greater insight.



Enyonam Damesi