How To Make Opportunities Come To You

| 3 min read

Are you frustrated with your current role or job? If so, there’s really no excuse for staying dissatisfied. It’s time to take matters into your own hands.

The key is finding ways to make opportunities for yourself. Very rarely does a new job or great contact come knocking at your door. But knowing how to make your own opportunities will help create opportunities for others and/or for your organization later on (e.g., in the form of business development or partnerships).

Here are three ways to make opportunities for yourself:

Transform a less than ideal situation into an opportunity to shine

We all have experienced situations that we didn’t want to be involved in. My advice? Grab the bull by its horns. Less than ideal situations are full of opportunities to stand out. Take, for example, a situation in which you are the only woman or youngest person in the room, and you find yourself being asked to take notes on a project. Use this opportunity to become the go-to person for the project. Everyone will have to go through you and get your input since you will have all the information. If possible, take it one step further and become the “ideas” person, too. The holder of information is powerful, so use it to your advantage to contribute and impress senior leadership.

Reach out to others for advice and develop/maintain relationships

When you are at a loss for what to do, reach out to people for help or advice. Whoever you contact can be someone you already know or someone you want to get to know . Talk with a peer or mentor about an unpleasant work situation (you will likely find that they have experienced a similar situation and will have some insight and perspective to impart), or network with professionals in another industry or line of work if you are second guessing your career path. Two (or more) heads are better than one!

The benefit of reaching out to others for advice is twofold. You can initiate new relationships or strengthen old ones, and relationships are key to some of the best opportunities.

Publish and they will come: create your own website or blog

If you want to write, develop your personal brand, or establish yourself as an expert in a certain area, consider making a personal website or writing for online publications. Being proactive and sharing things you know and care about will show that you have particular skills or knowledge to benefit others. Recruiters may start reaching out and other publishers may ask you to write for them, helping you to gain more exposure. And if creating your own website or blog is not enough, consider starting your own company! The sky is the limit, and only you are holding yourself back.

Now that you know you have the power to make things better for yourself, what is your next step to make new opportunities? Get going, and share your ideas here! (Tip: Here is your opportunity to write something online, develop relationships with others, and get noticed).


Nathan Jeffery