Best Tips To Finding Your Dream Job

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You probably know by now that finding a job right after graduation and staying in the same job for years is not so simple. Now, the reality is you are either fortunate to land a job, or you become part of the unemployed statistics. Believe it or not,the world of work is a real competition and everyone wants to be on top.

As discussed during the Facebook Live event held on 8th August, there are some mistakes that block one’s chances of a successful job search. They include CV writing mistakes, interview mistakes and poor networking which are very much avoidable. Despite the thousands of people that look for jobs daily, only about five candidates are selected for interviews. Recruiters want you to impress them in every aspect of your job search. Those who are able to do this, get hired easily and enjoy the benefits of work life. See more of what was discussed in the video below;

We are live! Join the discussion on how you can find a job!!

Posted by Jobberman Ghana on Wednesday, August 8, 2018


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