Recruiters’ Webinar: Find Your Next Hire in 4 Days

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As an employer or hiring manager, you will agree that attracting and more importantly, retaining good talent can be an uphill task, especially when the need to fill a position is urgent. Further complicating the situation is the fact that not all candidates approach a job offer with similar priorities. While millennials mostly consider workplace flexibility and growth opportunities apart from a reasonable salary, the baby boomers mostly consider the salary, job security and benefits.

Jobberman Ghana, your reliable recruitment partner, will be hosting a webinar discussing how you can find your next hire in 4 days. Here you can discover ways of cutting through recruitment bureaucracy, as well as getting the right fit, within the shortest time possible.

So, what should you consider when hiring for an urgent role to ensure you do not compromise on the quality of hire? Here three pointers;

Scope of Role

Is the role in question well defined? Despite the fact that you need to fill this role fast, you should ensure that the job description is clear and comprehensive. Conduct research in the market and ensure you understand the role fully to assist with setting of key performance indicators and expectations of the role.

Seniority of Role

Is the role an entry level position or are you looking for a department head? While recruitment for all roles should be procedural and thorough, hiring for senior positions understandably calls for more rigorous steps. This is because such roles are in charge of departmental performance and ultimate business success.

Market and Industry Trends

Availability of candidates for certain roles is determined by several factors like the type of industry and prevailing market trends. Some industries are characterised by high specificity, hence candidates for certain roles are not always easy to get. If such is the case, you might want to ask for more time.

With the above considerations in mind, discover how you can find your next hire in 4 days by signing up below.

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