5 Success Keys for your Financial Career

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A Financial Career is a calling and not always a choice. For many, they are either forced into it or are attracted to its glamour and prestige. Though many are drawn to it, there are still some who get stuck on the way. Once you identify finance as your calling, you must aspire to rise and stand out among the bunch. Here is how you can succeed in the finance world work;

1. Develop Your Own Financial Network

Who is in your circle? This is a question you need to ask yourself as you journey your financial career. Your network today can determine your outcome tomorrow. Begin by participating in as many industry events as possible and targeting the right people. Remember, a successful network is a two-way-street. Try and develop relationships where the other can also benefit from being part of your network. Never let go of old networks! Keep in touch with all networks even when you don’t need them at present. This way, it becomes easier to contact them when you actually need to.

2. Build Your Passion for the Industry

A career in Finance takes a lot of courage to pull through. To succeed, you need a deep passion to fuel your drive. Having a passion for a career in finance must go beyond your pursuits of money and power. Pursue finance because you live it, breathe it and desire to contribute meaningfully to the industry. Like many finance “Gurus”, it takes extreme passion to remain standing. This passion is a good motivator to keep pushing even in tough times.

3. Seek Knowledge outside your Formal Degree

Success in a Finance Career goes beyond the classroom. Many successful finance ‘gurus’ gain the most valuable knowledge outside their formal degrees. Start developing a habit with reading finance journals, keep up with latest finance trends and seek advice from successful finance professionals. It is the knowledge you gain outside the classroom that will set you apart from your peers. Remember, the early bird catches the worm.

4. Be the Professional You want to See in Future

You want to be the next Berkshire Hathaway? Then own it. Most fresh graduates may enter the workforce with less professionalism but you can be an exception. Act like a professional; in the way you dress, talk, conduct yourself and relate with others. Also, develop good listening skills. Once you act like a professional, you will leave an indelible mark on the hearts of the people you will come across in your journey. In short, make no room for less professionalism in your financial career.

5. Get Your own Unique Soft Skills

Soft skills can give you that extra credit. It’s a good tool to land your dream job in finance. Most finance companies look for new hires with Top notch soft skills. Developing soft skills will make you stand out among your peers, with whom you have the same degrees and level of experience. Focus on your communication skills, listening skills and overall presentation. For finance companies, image is everything and that is what they are looking out for in you.

Landing a job in finance requires a lot of passion and drive to push through. Once you grab these, you are a good to go in fulfilling your dreams. All it takes is a step and it starts now.

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Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
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