4 steps for building positive employer-employee relationships

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Maintaining a sound employer-employee relationship is essential for the ultimate success of any organisation considering the prevailing highly complex business context in today’s business world. No doubt, if there is a sound relationship existing between these two parties, there will be good working conditions and a good working environment in any organisation. That means happy workers, who will make your customers happy too.

Hence, it has become an important task of managers attached to various organisations irrespective of their business to maintain and improve the sound relationship between these two parties with a view to derive excellent results for the organisation.

A good employer-employee relationship requires constant nurturing and set expectations and results. This article discusses 4 Steps for Building Positive Employer-Employee Relationships.

Communicate Openly

The first step is open communication. Good communication between an employer and employee is imperative for building a positive workplace culture. As an employer, don’t hide important information from your staff or only grant the information to a select group of workers.

Being aware of how the company is performing and what projects are getting started help employees see how their role fits into the organization; it also makes them more likely to respect and trust their company. Always keep your team members in the loop. Read more on Team building.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Saying “please” and “thank you” go a long way at an organization. Be empathetic to your workforce and appreciate the efforts that they contribute to your company. When an employee consistently turns in great work yet receives no recognition, you can be sure that his job satisfaction and morale is low. He might even consider finding a company that does appreciate his work. Monetary compensation is not everything.

To make this scenario unrealistic at your workplace, be grateful for the work your employees do and show your appreciation through public or private recognition, parties, gift cards or whatever else would appeal to your team. Read more about it here

Consistent Feedback

In order to improve their work performance, an employee must receive feedback, both positive and critical. Employees find it frustrating when their work has been changed or a project isn’t approved but receive no feedback as to why these actions have happened. Help your employees grow by offering them frequent feedback on their work.

Setup monthly or weekly meetings to check in with them about their progress and what goals they want to accomplish. When you take these steps, you’ll see your employees more engaged with their work.

Following Through

Nothing makes you lose credibility faster than when you over-promise and don’t deliver expected results. No matter what the scenario is, as an employer, you owe it to your staff to follow through on your commitments. If you told one employee they can attend a training to improve their skills, quickly approve the expense report when they turn it in.

If another employee wants to meet with you to discuss her future at the company, don’t blow her off for another meeting or lunch date. Evoke trust and respect from your staff by showing that your commitment to them is important.

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Jide Otoki