Add Value to Get Value- Getting your Talent to work for you

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Getting your talent to work for you
Getting your talent to work for you


It does not usually matter what you build, invent or sell, an organization cannot move forward without people.

It is therefore important as leaders in organizations and Human Resource professionals to build and maintain an environment where value added from employees is as important as the value we get from them. Identifying and maintaining talent is therefore crucial in every organization.

Value is defined as: Considering someone or something to be beneficial or to have a high opinion of someone or something.

Company leaders and managers the world over know that keeping the teams they lead moving forward together in harmony, means the difference between them growing and not growing.

Often we confuse or try to use monetary perks as the sole motivational system for our staff. In my experience, I do not think people work harder or even work better because of those things; however it may make it easier for them to come to work. Meaning if we want to keep these types of people we may have to keep increasing the perks. In the long run it becomes a give and give situation.

That therefore means we have to use more than just money to motivate staff and instead build them up to feel that the organization values them as individuals. But the question that may be asked is- why should we then add value? We add value so as to:

  1. Reduce Absence.
  2. Improve Productivity.
  3. Reduce Stress in staff.
  4. Improve Retention.

When employees feel that the organization they work for values them, they do not have to invent or come up with reasons to avoid work. They will be inclined to contribute more to the goals set and in doing their work, tend to be more goal oriented rather than being task oriented.

It is therefore important to look at ways in which we can be able to keep our best employees. Many people will agree that value add is important in their career growth. More often than not people have left organizations because they feel that they are not getting anything more from the organization. Simply put they are not growing, not feeling valued and therefore have no reason to stay. A few ways in which we can show our employees that we value them are listed below:

  1. Appreciate them and what they do.
  2. Offer clarity to them so less time is spent on trying to figure out the right way to do things.
  3. Be interested in what they have to say when they get the chance to say it.
  4. Openly communicate the issues the company may be going through.
  5. Seek opinions and let them know that you value their contribution.
  6. Help them grow in their careers.
  7. Trust them and be accountable.
  8. Invest in them right from the start.

Some of the above ways require little or no money at all but will go a long way in ensuring that you attract and retain the best talent that focuses on growing your organization. We, as leaders in different organizations, therefore need to think outside the box as we work with our team members in getting the best out of them.

In conclusion I would like to say that there is no one way that suits everyone and therefore explore more ways of adding value and customize it to make it suitable for the staff in your organization.

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By Emma Wenani

Director of Human Resource

Global Media Alliance

Linked In: Emma Wenani

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