6 Of The Most Embarrassing Job Interview Stories

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Interviews, like many human situations, can go awry and leave you cringing everytime the memory comes to mind. You probably know many embarrassing interview stories from your friends. There may have been instances where you have said something in an interview that you regret immediately or wished you could delete from the panel’s memory like Will Smith from Men in Black.


There have been other times that you have conducted yourself in a way that makes you shudder out of embarrassment every time you remember. The truth is that it is not the end of the world and many of us have embarrassing interview stories that make us wish for the superpower to delete other people’s memories. Here are a few stories to make you feel better about your own;

Breast Regards

You know how they tell you to always have template sign off for all your emails so that even when you forget to sign off and you hit send, your mail still looks professional? Well, I learnt that the hard way. I applied for a great job at a top company, attached my CV and Motivation letter and signed off with ‘Breast Regards’. I noticed the typo immediately I hit “send”, I wished I could run after the email and catch it – Yayra

Personal Intercourse with the boss

Students of English Literature don’t get enough respect, so I went to an interview hoping to befuddle the panel into hiring me as a press relations officer. It turned out that one of the esteemed panelists was an acquaintance of my previous employer. When asked whether I was friendly with him, I replied that “I had personal intercourse with him a few times” The faces of the panel became pale white, and I spent the rest of the interview explaining how it wasn’t sexual – Nana Yaa

Whose head is on the money?

I have a long list of embarrassing interview stories, here is one; I went to an interview for an Accounting job and they brought out a 10 cedi note for me to name the heads on the note by their faces. I only knew Dr Kwame Nkrumah by his hairline and Akuffo Addo by his glasses. They told me on the spot they wouldn’t hire me. – Cephas Kwame

People person, not a numbers person


It was my first job after my national service, the employer was impressed by my background in Mathematics and statistics and said my skills will be very useful to the firm. He asked me to tell him about myself, and the first thing I said was “I am more of a people person than a numbers person” – Sumaila

Pending inheritance

I was facing an interview panel for a six-month contract and they asked whether I was comfortable working for only six months. I told them about my rich uncle who is terminally ill and should be dead before the 6 months is over, then I will have enough money so that I won’t have to work again. – Akwasi Sarpong

Wardrobe Malfunction

I don’t know how to tie a tie so on the morning of my interview, I watched about 5 youtube videos to learn how to. Somehow, I managed to tie the tie into a permanent knot around my neck so I decided to cut it with a pair of scissors on my return. When I arrived, I was told by the panel to remove my tie and roll my sleeves because graphic designers do not need to look so formal. Come and see me sweating! – Selasi


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